Monday, June 11, 2012

FHE at the Grissett's!

This evening we headed out west to visit the Grissett family's home/farm to pick some peas.  They were so kind and gave us some potatoes and corn too! All I got to say is land is where it's at.

Do you see how big that is!!

All our spoils... now we just have to get the peas out. 

Takin' a ride in the back of a pick up truck over to the corn fields

Lookin' so fine!

"Corn as high as an elephant's eye!" 

Yummy Yummy Corn.  We're up to our "ears" in corn. HAHA ;)

The Grissetts are such an awesome family they are so kind to share their bountiful harvests with us.  Thank you Grissett Family!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vero Wedding

Last weekend we had the opportunity to travel down to beautiful Vero Beach, FL for the wedding of Logan and Maggie Anderson.  It was so wonderful... weather was a little shaky but it turned out great.

We left Friday night around 7p.m.  That Friday was the FIRST "soft run" for the new hotel and the first group was coming in so Chris wanted/ had to stay late.

First "real" day.  Even though the hotel officially opened this past Thursday, but still, I had to document it.

Okay back to the wedding weekend.  We left Tally and got into Vero around midnight.  We stayed at the same hotel as the Anderson family just to make it easier.  Woke up early because the ceremony was to start at 8a.m.  The wedding was at this really nice beach side hotel owned by Gloria Estefon.  It was beautiful.  We got there about 7:45 and then waited.... and waited.... Oh yeah and waited.  The actually ceremony didn't start until 8:30-8:45a.m.  There was some problems with the hotel not being ready thus making Maggie unable to get ready in time.  Totally not her fault.  As we sat outside it was threatening to rain, it was mist a little and be windy but once Maggie came out and started down the aisle it was like a cheesey Nicolas Sparks movie when the sun came out full force. 

Here comes the bride!

The little boy toward the left came down the aisle with a bucket of blue sand and spread it around.  Too Cute!

All married! The funny thing was people were sitting out on their balconies and got a free loading show of a nice wedding. 

Next up, an amazing reception complete with omelet bar (made to order), parfaits, fresh fruit, beignets, and juice.  OH and of course cake and/ or cup cakes.

We got cupcakes.  The middle ones had coconut on top and a raspberry filling.  The others were just white on white.  Very yummy!

Cute gift table.  They also had a table to write a message to the bride and groom and then you put it in a bottle.  The favor was a shell with their initials and the date.  Too Cute!

Waiting for the bridge and groom to come so we can chow down!

It was all in all a great morning.  After we walked around the cute little beach town and then made our way home.  We stopped in Orlando for lunch at Moe's and journeyed back home.  We were so happy we had the chance to go and support the happy couple!