Sunday, November 21, 2010

Out of service...

Attention Blogging World

Kendal will be out of service for awhile on account of finals.
                    (And I'm going to Michigan for Thanksgiving )

Please stay tuned...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 things I love...

1. My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
     - I have no idea where I would be today if I didn't have my love and connection with my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ.  I have been so blessed in my life and I owe it all to them.  I have a huge testimony in keeping the Lord's commandments because they truly free you not hinder or hold you back.
2.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints.
      - The gospel is a huge part of my life and I would not live my life any other way!
3. Christopher Copeland Hargrett
      - The love of my life!  Chris is so wonderful and is always serving and caring for me.  He is the best thing to come into my life.  He keeps me happy and is always concerned about my happiness.  He is there whenever I need him.  He's funny, handsome, and loving.  He's optimistic and a huge example to me.  Basically he's amazing!
4. My family
    - My family is awesome! They are so supportive and loving.  When I say my family I mean both sides of my family.  One of my favorite things I love about Chris' side of the family is they are always concerned and wondering how we're doing.  Whenever we go over to Chris' grandfather's house there is smiles, hugs, and food waiting!  My side of the family is always there for me and always willing to help out whenever help is needed.  Since my family is spread out throughout the country whenever we get a chance to be together it's one of the best feelings around.
This isn't my whole family but some of them.
Again not all of Chris' family but some of them.
4. My friends
     - I have some pretty awesome friends.  I know that I can call up any other them for help and they would be on their way.  I have had many friendships in my life and there are some that I don't talk to that much any more especially from high school but I cherish all the moments.

I have many more friends than what is just pictured in these pictures and I love and appreciate all of you!!

Okay... what number am I on now.... OH yes!
5. Temples
    - Temples are such a huge blessing in my life.  With the sealing power within Temples I would not be sealed to my family for time and all eternity.  Chris and I have made it a goal to go to the Temple at least once a month and that goal has blessed our lives in so many ways.  There is nothing more rewarding and  amazing then to serve those who have passed on. 
6. Animals
     - I love animals! They are so interesting and I have always have had a fascination to them.  Growing up I had and still do have TONS of stuff animals.  I would make zoos all the time in my room and loved just playing and being around animals.  They truly bring joy to my life!
One of my greatest moments in my life was feeding the giraffes at the zoo.
7. Sports
     -  Sports are my outlet.  I love the excitement and happiness that come from sports.  I love playing and watching pretty much any sport.  I really enjoy working out and running.  I like to think of it as my "me" time where I can just be by myself or with someone else and I don't have to worry about anything else.
Finishing my first 5K- October 2009
8. New Running Shoes
    - Anyone who runs regularly will totally understand and probably agree.  That first run with your new running shoes is one of the best feelings ever.  I recently got some new shoes and I felt like a new runner!
9. Food
    - No explanation here... if you don't love food you're crazy.
10. Music
     - Music is so amazing.  I love all types of music! What I also really love about music is when it comes to music from Church.  I swear I tear up all the time during any musically number at church.  Music can bring the most amazing spirit into any church meeting.  I also love being the primary music chorister.  I love hearing the primary child sing those sweet inspired songs in the Primary Songbook.  I haven't had many callings in my life but music chorister is by far the best!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I got home from church and wanted to post a blog.  However, I had no idea what to blog about.  I had some ideas but nothing sounded that great.  So I decided that I would do a post about Chris and I from our engagement to just after we were married.  We shall start with out engagement photo session with non other then the wonderful Melissa Robel.
We technically had two sessions.  The first was the night before this picture but we got to the Greenway a little too late because the lighting was not to great.  We went out the next day and headed to the Capital.  Chris was mid cold and not feeling well but he was a trooper and the pictures turned out wonderful. 
** Yes...I know I just noticed I spelled Engagement wrong on the photo**

We head on now to my 20th birthday!  All I wanted for my birthday was to be with Chris and to go to the Florida State Men's Basketball game against University of Miami.  They won and then we went back to the bachelor pad and had ice cream cake with some friends.  
A few months go by and the month of our wedding comes up.  My best friend MacKenzie Mayo came into Tallahassee a little over a week before the wedding to help us out and to just spend time with each other.  We have been friends since fourth grade and when I moved to Florida at 13 years old we made sure we would always keep in touch with one another.  On May 13, 2009 we went to get our marriage license.  MacKenzie documented the whole week leading up to our wedding. 
In this picture I am pointing to the Marriage License part of the sign, whereas Chris proceeds to point at the Official Record part of the sign.  Silly boys...

The marriage day is getting closer and closer.  My dress was nearly done.  I had Sister Webb put the sleeves on my dress and she did an amazing job.  I am so grateful to have meet and got to know her.  She has become one of my most favorite people to talk to and learn from. Every time I went over to see her it would take about 10 minutes to do whatever for the dress but I would end up staying and talking to her for a least a hour.  I always left there feeling more at ease with everything especially what to except when it came to the Temple.  The Sunday before our wedding was the last fitting and from there I was able to take the dress with me. 
I was five days away from being sealed for time and all eternity to the love of my life and everything was falling into place.  MacKenzie came with me to the Webb's house for the final hurrah! 
I look back at this picture and just can't believe that I'm married.  It was just yesterday that we were dressed up in pioneer clothing running around in her back yard pretending to live back in the 1800's.  Or playing with her American Girl dolls for hours on end and STILL doing that every time we get together (seriously we do... I was there two Christmas ago and we played with them. HAHA).  I remember staying up late into the hours and playing our made up "tree" game.  And of course I remember our amazing times at girl's camp where we sang Hum Plaka Plaka every chance we got.  It's just crazy thinking that now my other best friend is a man that I love and care for more then anything in the world and who cares and loves me just as much.

The day finally came May 22nd and we were off to the Temple for our 3:00p.m. sealing.  I rained all day... excuse me, actually it POURED all day.  Not just a little sprinkle, it poured with huge puddles of water on the ground. We were hoping for a cloudy day but didn't expect a rain storm that occur for three days straight across the state of Florida.  But it was the best day ever and I will always remember and cherish it.
I decided to put a funny picture here because that's how we do.  

The day after our sealing was the reception back in Tallahassee.  All I can say is that it was pretty hopping.  The food was great, the company was every better, and it was amazing celebrating the start of our new life together with those we love.

Everything went amazingly well.  We were sealed in the Temple for time and all eternity and we were ready to start our new life with one another.  I am so blessed and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for blessing me with a wonderful husband and friend who cares and loves me.