Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Two" Infinity and Beyond!

Last Sunday Chris and I celebrated our two year anniversary.  It still blows my mind that it's been two years.  I mean, when we got to one year it was crazy fast but two years was even faster!  We decided that we would celebrate all weekend long, starting Friday evening after work.

The owners of Cabot Lodge (the place where Chris works) came in the hotel last Wednesday or Thursday with a couple of FSU Baseball tickets for Friday night.  We decided why not... they're free!  I have never been to a FSU baseball game and Chris has... and we have never gone together.  It was really fun!  They played Clemson and didn't do to well.  We arrived there right after Chris got me from work so we didn't get a chance to eat so we decided to leave after the fifth inning.  FSU was losing 7 to 0.  Not that exciting of a game.  But fun none the less.  It was cool though that I was able to go to my first Major League Baseball game and college baseball game all in one month.

After leaving the game we made our way to Pitaria.  If you haven't been to this amazing Medditeranian restaurant you are missing out!  I usually get these Chicken Caesar Pita but this time I tried their hummus and veggie one.  Chris got his normal traditional gyro.  Of course after dinner we needed to have dessert so we headed right next door to get some Sun Berry.  Another first for both of us.  FYI we had coupons for both Pitaria and Sun Berry so it wasn't to hard to choose where we wanted to go.  Sun Berry was soooo good.  I love frozen yogurt no matter what but this was pretty darn yummy.  I tried their mystic raspberry.  Anything with the word mystic in it's title must be good I would think.

After Sun Berry we headed over to Nate and Mindi Long's so Chris could help Nate get the DJ equipment over to the church to set it up for the State Youth Dance the next evening.  I forgot to mention at first the Chris got me the nicest gift.  He went to Bath and Body Works and got me this cute watering can that had lotion, body spray, shower gel, and a lufa.  He is too kind to me and the sent is amazing! Overall a great first day of our weekend of celebrating!

My extremely kind and handsome husband =)

Saturday morning we went to the movies and saw Thor.  We both have been wanting to see it since it came out and since we like not paying an arm and a leg for movies we go to the first movie time on Saturday mornings.  Totally worth it!  

After the movie we went to rack room shoes to get Chris some new tennis shoes and then we headed over to Governor's Square Mall for a little more shopping.  I had some coupons for Ann Taylor Loft and White House Black Market I wanted to use.  Overall another success.  We got a $5 pizza from Little Caesar's and headed home to relax a little before the dance.

We had the opportunity to DJ the youth dance that night.  Nate usually asks Chris to help out DJing when he is double booked.  Nate went to a wedding in Saint Augustine that same night so he asked Chris if he could DJ the dance.  It was sooo much fun.  We love interacting with the youth and we never miss a chance to go to fun dances as we both love to dance.  The youth seemed to have a great time.  They loved Chris.  Chris would go out once in awhile and dance with them.  He and I even started a train for the song "Ride the Train."  We thought they were going to know the song and what to do but they didn't so we decided to help 'em out by starting the train.  They loved it!
My sister and brother in law got Chris this nice shirt and cufflinks for his graduation.  They have his initials on them both and look pretty darn sharp.

Sunday was just a typical Sunday.  However this day I was a little Betty Crocker.  I made my first pot roast in the crock pot and I made homemade from scratch cupcakes and frosting.  I told Chris that after two years I am officially a house wife because I made my first pot roast (that came out AMAZING!) and homemade cupcakes.  Plus I think I looked pretty cute doing it all =)

I made the batter yellow (one of our wedding colors) and the frosting purple since yellow and purple are complementary colors. HAHA!

Table is set even with Sparkling Grape Juice... fancy huh?

These past two years have been amazing and we have been blessed extremely.  We are so thankful for our eternal marriage and I'm happy to be sealed to my best friend.  He's pretty much amazing!  "Two" infinity and beyond!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Honeymoon/wahoo Chris' graduated/just because Trip

I know that everyone has been anticipating this post for awhile... gosh, I have been wanting to post about our trip for awhile now.  Sorry it has taken me so long but right when we got back I started summer classes and then just got busy.  So onward we go into our amazing trip.

We arrived into Baltimore on May 2nd around 1:10p.m.  We got our luggage and off we went on the 10 minute shuttle ride to the rental car area.  I couldn't believe that we had to go on this shuttle... and it didn't help that it was totally full.  We got out car (a Nisson Cube, we actually we liked it) and off we were for the 30 minute drive to D.C.  We arrived to the hotel and decided to just chillax for a little bit until our friend Andrea got off from work.  I started to kinda unpack and when I hoped the suitcase it spelled really nice... I mean that's a good thing right?  NO it wasn't to nice this time.  My liquid hair heat protection stuff untwisted and spilt EVERYWHERE.  Thank goodness not everything got wet just pretty much all my shirts.  So we proceeded to use the hotel washing machine room.  Andrea got off from work around 6p.m.  so we ventured into downtown D.C.  We weren't quite sure what we were going to do with Andrea but she suggested a Nationals Baseball game.  They were playing the Giants.  I have never been to a major league baseball game so hey why not and it was only $10.

I decided to wear my FSU shirt... it was in support for Buster Posey.

After the game Andrea took us on a little tour of D.C.  Thank goodness she did because it made it so much easier for us the next day to get around.  It's actually really easy to get around D.C.  We went to the Lincoln Memorial and it was sooo cool at night with it all lit up.  

After the Lincoln Memorial we passed by the Vietnam Memorial which was really awesome and powerful.  It was so peaceful by the walls and just so powerful and spiritual to pass by all those names of soldiers to fount for our country.  We headed back to the hotel and got to bed to wake up for our eventful next day.

May 3rd:  We woke up and had an amazing complementary breakfast and then got dressed and headed out to downtown.  We had to find a public all day parking lot.  There are a ton around and we managed to find one close to China town.

Isn't that arch super cool!!  

We didn't stay long in China town.  We made our way to the National Archives and got there around 9:40a.m. but they didn't open until 10.  So I told Chris well let's see if any other museums are open and not waste time.  We made our way to the Natural History Museum and got there at 9:50a.m. and it too didn't open until 10 so we just waited.  FYI there were HUNDREDS of school groups EVERYWHERE.  The Natural History Museum was awesome.  I really enjoyed it because I took an Animal Diversity course two semesters ago so seeing all the animals and their phylum, classes, orders, and so forth was so great because I remembered all the names.  We took a lot of pictures in the museum and didn't even go through the whole place.  Totally need to go back though.  Here are a few pictures...

HUGE whale... crazy huh?

I love giraffes!! 

Chris loves wolfs... we want one some day, if possible.  HAHA

After the Natural History Museum we decided to take a little break.  Our plan was to just take little breaks in between each museum so our feet wouldn't get to tired.  We went out in the Mall which is this big park like area that is kind of in the middle of all the Smithsonians.  There is a gravel path and big grass ares.  We saw a merry-go-round and HAD to go on  it.  

From the Mall you can see the Capital 
And the Washington Monument 

Being a lady and ridding side saddle 

After our little break we headed over to the Smithsonian Castle.  Not to exciting but there was a very pleasant garden in the back.

We then made our way toward the Air and Space Museum.  
Ginormous rocket engine.

Space Pens!!! A picture for Sinfeld fans.

The Air and Space Museum was pretty cool but not my favorite... we took another little break and at about this time it was around 1p.m. so we decided to go get some lunch. We headed over to the Ronald Regan building where a little food court area was.  We had lunch at a little deli called 14th Street Deli (because we were on or at least close to 14th street).

Chris pondering on our break.

We headed over to the White House after our lovely lunch.  We didn't really care to much about the White House but thought we probably should take a few pictures anyway.

The Washington Monument was next on our list so we took our walk over there.

Yeah... it's really tall. Oh another FYI it was SUPER windy that day.  I swear it felt like the wind was pushing us over.

We then proceeded over to the WWII Memorial and Koren Memorial.  These were by far my most favorite things.  I truly enjoyed seeing these two memorials.  My senior year of high school in my American Government class we watched a little video on Washington D.C. and ever since they talked about the war memorials I have wanted to go to D.C. to see them and they were like I said earlier just powerful.

They had a pillar of every state including Puerto Rico and I think the Virgin Islands as well.

These wreaths were from the Korean Government

Lincoln Memorial during the day

Standing right in front of where Martin Luther King gave his "I Have a Dream" Speech

It was sad to not see the reflection pool all filled in.  They were doing construction on it.  However we were still able to sort of pin point where Jenny hopped into the pool and called our for Forest.

We made the over mile walk over to the National Archives finally after the Lincoln Memorial.  I don't have any photos of the Archives because not photography is aloud because of the documents.  But just know we saw the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.

When we finished at the Archives we were tired and ready for a little rest.  We headed back to the car and arrived back at the hotel around 5p.m.  We had dinner with Andrea to this Italian resturant that was suppose to be fancy but had bad service, over priced food, and nothing special tasting food.  I had raviolli that was $18 and you want to know how many I got... THREE just THREE.  I've had better.  We drove over to Georgetown to a little bakery to have yummy cupcakes but they were closed so we went and had frozen yogurt.

Can you guess which one is mine?

We arrived back to the hotel and again got to bed for our early awakening to head to Kensington, MD to attend the Washington D.C. Temple. When we awoke it was cloudy and raining.  The temperature was about 45 degrees...brrrr...  We arrived to the temple around 8a.m.  It was so beautiful.  It was my first time at a temple other then the Orlando Temple.  For my friends who are not familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Temples; Temples are sacred places of worship where one can learn more about our Heavenly Father's plan.  In Temples we make sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father.  We also believe that we can be sealed to our families and spouses not for this time here on earth but also for eternity.  Temples are a peaceful place and only worthy members of the church are permitted to enter into the temple do perform this sacred ordinances.  However, the spirit of the Lord can be felt all around the Temple grounds.  It is an amazing feeling.  Here are some pictures when we left.

We left Kensington, MD and made our way back to D.C. to the Union Station to catch our train to Cumberland, MD that left at 4:05p.m.  

We had lunch/dinner at Johnny Rockets... we tried to play some music (5 cents FYI) but it didn't work, sad day.

Watching Iron Man on the train

We got to Cumberland at about 8:00-8:15p.m. our train was to arrive at 7:30p.m. but was delayed at one leg of the trip because we had to wait for another train to pass and then they pulled the switch for us to get on the track the other train was on.  My Aunt Mary and Uncle Glenn picked us up and we made the drive back to their beautiful little country home in West Virgina about 13-15 miles away.

May 5th:  THE MOST RELAXING DAY EVER!  Seriously we woke up had a lovely breakfast and then went for a little walk/hike.

My Aunt use to ride her horse as a little girl through this pasture

Their next door neighbors farm

We took their little row boat out for a spin on their pound

View from the pound toward the house

Did a little fishing... Chris was the only one to catch anything.

Me... attempting...with failure though.  But I didn't mind.

We packed a wonderful little lunch and drove up on top of one of the mountains and had lunch.

Just a little scenery. 

After lunch we came home and took naps.  Seriously it felt amazing to just take a nap because I can.  Mary made a wonderful dinner and just relaxed the rest of the evening.  Doesn't that sound extremely relaxing?! It was so nice to just do nothing or more so do whatever we wanted.

May 6th: We woke up had breakfast and made lunches and made our way to Cumberland to take the Western Maryland train up to Frostburg.  We took bikes with us and road the train up to Frostburg and road the bikes back the 16 miles to Cumberland.

Cute little Cumberland, MD

Here comes the train, coming into Cumberland.

The train stays in Frostberg for about an hour and then turns back around.  We had to make sure we made it to this tunnel before the train came because if you get stuck in the tunnel with the train it's really smokey.  Chris and I were about half way through it and heard the train whistle thinking "OH NO IT'S ON IT'S WAY!!" We got to the other side of the tunnel and literally after we got through it the train came through.  Thank goodness we made it!

We finished our bike ride with a little walk up Washington Street in Cumberland and then drove over to this really cool aviary where some owls, an eagle, and hawks were being kept and preserved.  We had dinner at a yummy italian resturant and then made our way home for the evening.

May 7th: We woke up early, packed, and got ready for to leave for the Baltimore Airport.  We are so happy we had this opportunity to spend this time with one another.  We were EXTREMELY blessed to have the funds to do so and we were blessed with even some left over money after.  I love my dear husband Chris.  Today we celebrate our two year anniversary and I am so thankful to be sealed with him for time and all eternity.  He is my best friend, my husband, and someone I want and will be with forever.  I love you Chris.

** We have tons more photos but these are just a few to give you a picture (no pun intended) of our trip**