Thursday, February 17, 2011

22... are you serious?

Tomorrow is my 22nd Birthday.  I can't believe it... 22.  I remember when I was 7 years old and I just cried, more like balled to my dad because I didn't want to grow up.  From what I remember I was more scared about being 16.  Weird... I know.  Which makes sense why I kinda cried on or around my 16th birthday.

Don't get me wrong I totally like being an adult.  However, I still blows my mind how time flies.  I have been so blessed in my life and sometimes I just don't know why.  Heavenly Father has been truly good to me and my family.  Well... hears to being 22!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Love of my Life

In honor of Valentine's Day and just because I want to I am going to tell you about my amazing husband and best friend Christopher.

I first meet Chris at a fifth ward (Tallahassee's Student/Singles Ward) Family Home Evening.  I remember since it was the first FHE close to school starting we were doing little introductions of ourselves and Chris mentioned that he was attending Tallahassee Community College.  I was so happy to hear I wasn't the only one going there.  I thought everyone was going to Florida State but it was nice to know someone else went to the community college.  Time went by and we didn't talk to much but I remember once we were in a group and he took my phone and then proceeded to put his number in it.
Chris was also the first guy in 5th Ward to dance with me at a dance.  It was the first dance of the semester so I didn't really know anyone and I was sitting with some friends and of course a slow song comes on and the other two girls were asked and so I didn't want to sit on the couch by myself so I got up to walk somewhere else and Chris grabbed me and asked me to dance.

Another memory I had was Chris  tired to set me up with another guy.  The Fall Ball was coming up and Chris tried to set me up with this guy by telling him about me and telling him to just call me and ask me to the dance.  Chris wasn't going to go because 1. he didn't like going to dances and 2. His good friend was being sealed in the Temple that day.  So the guy never called me and I was texting Chris (which my plan didn't have texting but I still did) and told him that the guy never called me and he said "well if I were there I would take you." Very kind of him to say.

This is the first picture of Chris that made me attracted to him... HAHA I know I know.  He was playing volley pong with his friends and Kim Brock was taking pictures of them doing funny poses.  Chris thought that going shirtless was the way to go.  Crazy boy.

Let's see other memories... Chris and I kissed before our first date.  We didn't tell anyone we were dating for about a month and a half (except our close friends).  We had nights of talking on the phone late into the night.  He said "I love you" to me on January 3, 2008 at Dorthy B. Oven (this little park with Christmas Lights).  He proposed to me in October 2008 at Fun Station while playing Mini Golf.  He put the ring in the hole.  We then proceeded to not tell anyone we were engaged for about two months, we were ironing out the date and such.  My favorite memory will be that on our sealing day we kissed across the alter and he asked the sealer if he could have another kiss from me.  =)

Chris has an awesome personality.  He is so caring and loving and is just an amazing people person.  He supports me in everything and is always willing to help me out.  He never raises his voice toward me when angry even if I am toward him.  Chris always tells me I'm beautiful even though I never believe it. He says I love you all the time.  Chris always opens my car door and will carry my backpack.  We just click so well and he is always there for me.  I love Chris with all my heart and I feel so blessed everyday to know that he is my eternal companion.  Happy Valentine's Day Chris!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 6: Favorite Band or Artist

I skipped a lot of them and just went to this one.  It's not really what day 6 was but I just made it my day 6. I have many favorites as you probably will think since I couldn't pin point down a T.V. show.

First, band, Dashboard Confessional... I have liked this band/ artist (Chris Carrabba) since sixth grade and still love them.  I personally like the older Dashboard when it was just Chris Carrabba and his acoustic guitar and just straight emo music but I have learned to like the songs with a full band now.  I still haven't had a chance to see them in concert but I had a dream I did a few years back.  Does that count?

Next, Saves the Day and I mean original Saves the Day. The Saves the Day when the drummer (on the far right) was still alive and the lead singer (second to the left) didn't change his voice.  Saves the Day when it was true Punk Rock.  Awesome bad this album is great but totally check out "Stay what you Are." I have also liked this band since sixth grade.

Third, Jack Johnson.  Love love love his music.  It is totally difference from Dashboard and Saves the Day but I love all of it.  I can listen to Jack Johnson any day.  I knew about Jack Johnson back in 8th grade but didn't really start listening to him until my sophomore year.  Bubbly Toes was my first favorite song of his.

These are probably my top three favorites but I have SOOOOOOO many more.  I love all types of music.  Music can be such a big influence in a persons life however, the right music with the right message and not any of this stuff with bad messages.  Up lifting music that makes you happy and doesn't make you feel all icky you know what I mean

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5: Favorite Memory

I decided to skip day 4 which was a picture of my night... last night I played basketball and it was awesome! But no picture and there is not much to talk about with that.  Soooo on to favorite memory.

In high school I played softball from from sophomore to senior year. This is a picture from my senior year at our banquet.  The three girls in the front had already graduated but came back because this team was amazing.  I have never felt so close to so many amazing girls.  We were just like sisters and helped and support each other.  Even though I am not in contact with them that much any more I know that if we all got together again it would be like old times!

This picture below is of me and my friend Casey.  This was... I think junior year but oh man we had some crazy times.  In downtown Naples to the pier to just crazy nights at her house.  Some of the times of me laughing so much and crying as a result was with this girl.  She's awesome!

I have so many more memories, especially with my best friend MacKenzie but there are just too many to pin down but here is a picture of MacKenzie and I at my wedding =)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3: Favorite TV Show

I have loved the Golden Girls for years! I mean come on four old ladies living in Miami... you can't get any better then that.

The next show that just in the past year or two I have gotten into is The Gilmore Girls.  I guess I have a thing for girly shows but this show is awesome.  It's so witty and the dialog is fast and if you pay close attention you can hear some really funny stuff.

The last show I'll mention is The Middle.  Chris and I just got into this show a few months ago and it's AWESOME.  The family is amazingly funny and each have their own little quirks.  You should totally check it out!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two people

For the question of who is someone who have known the longest amount of time I decided to choose two people... my dad and my sister Ashley.

My dad is awesome! He raised four kids after my mom died and we all turned out alright.  HAHA. He is fun and is always good for some advice.  I learned so much for him both motherly and fatherly things. My favorite dad story was a few days after my mom died I wanted to wear my hair in pigtails for school so he  tried to put my hair up but... let's just say one was high and the other too low.  He then said... what do you think about cutting your hair short?

Ashley may be five years older then me but we have always been close.  We always have fun together and she is another good one to get some advice from too.  When I was younger I always called her Ishie... I have no idea where I got it from.  Ever since I graduated from high school we have only gotten closer.  She is pretty much awesome!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Kendal

1. I am a germaphob.  I wash my hands a lot and use hand sanitizer at work like it's my job.  When I was younger I would wash my hands so much that the skin would crack and bleed.  My dad would put ointment on my hands and then cover them with socks during the night so they would heal better.  Not only do I wash my hands a lot I clean surfaces and objects and so forth like crazy.  I'm so thankful that Chris is understanding of it.

2. It takes me awhile to finish books... my excuse... I read like 3 or more at once.  It's surprising I can remember sometimes what is happening in each one I'm reading. 

3. I LOVE RAINY SUNDAYS!! Seriously, they are the best.  I'm not sure why but ever since I can remember I have loved rainy Sundays.  Basically, I love cloudy weather.  Living in Florida is annoying sometimes for me because I hate to much sunshine.  I think it's because growing up in Michigan the weather throughout the winter was always cloudy.

4. When I color I like to hum. 

5. I have always wished that life was like a musical.

6. I'm a daddy's girl.  It's funny because when my mom was still alive I was a huge mommy's girl and not the biggest fan of my dad all the time.  But when my mom died gears switched and my dad and I are tight.  

7. I love going to the beach and catching some good rays and then coming home and it rains.

8. Chris and I didn't go on our first official date until after we decided we would got steady.  It was to Los Compadres and was awesome. 

9. My favorite movie when I was younger was The Three Amigos.

10. I cried when I turned 16... I didn't want to grow up.