Friday, July 20, 2012

Grandma's 80th Birthday!

Two weekends ago we traveled down to good 'ol Crystal River to celebrate Chris's grandma's 80th birthday.  We woke up early on Sunday morning and made our way down.  We wanted to take at least the sacrament so we found a church in Lacanto, FL (which is like 7 miles away from Crystal River) and got there with 30 minutes to spare before the meeting started.  The people were soooo nice and friendly.  That's what I LOVE about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, no matter where you go the people are so friendly and open.  First off, let's just say the ward had a median age of like 50.  Quite a number of elderly, but they were all very kind.

Fun story.  This elderly man, probably about 70 plus came up to us and introduced himself and Chris said his name and said this is my wife Kendal.  This man (white mind you) said toward Chris specifically, "You know I am not much different from you (pointing to his arm)."  He then proceeded to tell us that his former wife (we're not sure if she passed away or what) was black and that back in the day people would say "Why are you around with that [N word] woman?" Yes he said the N word. HAHA.  But he said that he just didn't get why people are like that and that we are all God's children.  He was so nice.  It was kinda cool.

After we took the sacrament we went to Grandma's house and then went to her church.  After church we chilled for a little while and then went to this REALLY nice golf club for her PAR-TY! It was really fun.  Everyone was asked to wear either white, black, or red.  The grandsons were asked to help seat everyone so he got a pretty cool vest and nice tie.  He's excited for the new tie!  There was lots of great stories, dancing, food, chocolate, pictures, etc.  We had to leave around 5:30-6p.m. because I had some things to get ready for class the following day.  We had so much fun and it was so great to see Chris's mom's side of the family.  Since they don't live in Tallahassee we don't see them that much so it's always fun seeing them.

On the back porch of the club over looking the course.  

A better picture, not as dark.

Picture with the Birthday Girl!

When you first came through the gate house and you looked to your right this AMAZING canyon was in the distance.  I have never seen anything like this in Florida.  It was more than likely man made but cool none the less.  We took a quick picture of it before we left.

OH, also, check out my latest sewing project.  I sewed my first aprons.  They were for a rockin' new married couple, The MacFarrans and I think they turned out pretty well.  I was happy to have four aprons of my own that I was able to then make my own patterns.  The couple have a cute vintage style so I tried to stick with that.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Job

Sooo... I got a job.  Crazy I know.  I just quit my old job back in September at The Florida Bar and now I'm back to the grind.  But I'm pretty excited about it.  I'm a law clerk for a lawyer downtown and it's a really laid back kinda place.  My awesome friend Janell works/ed there and is moving.  Well, Tuesday, June 26th she put on facebook that if anyone needs a job her job is hiring.  I had been discuss with Chris lately that I thought I should go back to work because I graduate in December and I'm only going to be taking one maybe two classes in the Fall so I thought I should find something productive to do.  I said to Chris that if I'm going back to work I really want to work at a law office.  Wednesday I got my resume and cover letter all together and went down to the office and dropped it off.  I meant Mr. Davis (the lawyer) and I got an interview for that Friday the 29th.  CRAZY fast.

Chris had to take the car in the morning and my interview was at 2p.m. so he came back with the car and had these waiting for me.  Yummy cupcakes from Lucy and Leo's.  Just a little good luck gift.  

The interview went great and Janell put in a good word for me and I was offered the job right there.  I couldn't believe it.  The Lord truly blessed Chris and I that day.  So I started this past Monday and so far so good.  Janell's last day is Thursday so after that I'm on my own.  

Ready to eat my yummy blueberry lemon cupcake =)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Best Temple Day Ever

Wow... sorry for slacking.  Let's just say school picked back up two weeks ago and I am more busy this six weeks than the last.

On June 23rd we went down to Orlando to go to the Temple.  We were super excited to just spend the day together.  Plus I was done with the school and was ready for a nice break.  The day before one of my really good friends posted that she and her husband were in Orlando and they we through the Temple for the first time and the next day they were going to be sealed.  So I frantically responded to her post that we were going to be there and totally wanted to just see her.  It had been five years.

We got up super early and left and arrived there around 9:30a.m. and went for the 10a.m. session.  After we went to do some sealings and I noticed a woman in there from the Fort Myers stake where I use to live and heard her say she had to leave soon to go to a sealing.  Well, I knew she was there for my friend Sarah soooo... we stayed and did sealings for a little bit.  Lance and Kristen Anderson came in and it was so awesome to see them! We always love seeing people we know at the Temple.

Then I proceeded to kinda stock the waiting area waiting to see when Sarah's mom would be in there.  OH and I stocked the celestrial room too. haha. Well it was getting to noon and I thought okay they have to be going up soon.  We left and went down to stock outside the bride's room.  Upon going down the stairs I saw her husband about to go into the celestrial room so I knew she would be coming out soon.  We well waited and waited and I told Chris I'm just going to go up and see if we missed her because they would go on the elevator and not take the stairs.  Well, I saw Chris make a face when the bride room door opened and so I knew she was coming out.  I was SO happy and excited to see her I quickly went down the stairs and just hugged her.  Also cried... I'm a sucker but it was just so awesome to see her for the first time in five or so years in the Temple on the day she would be sealed to her husband.

Quick background.  She and her husband got married about a year or two ago and then made it to the Temple.  I was just so happy.  I just wanted to see her but her mom was like "well we're going up right now." I said well if you want us to and Sarah said she meant to send an invitation but they didn't have our address and so it just all worked out in the end.

I just love seeing and hearing about my friends who have made it to the Temple to make those scared covenants.  I just think to myself that we made it!  We went through the young women's program together and made that goal to go to the Temple and we did it.  It's such a blessing!

Sarah's Family

First Time coming out!

Overall an awesome day! After the pictures we went inside to the cafeteria and had our lunch we brought.  Then just headed home.