Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good Southern Thanksgiving

We had a pretty awesome Thanksgiving this year.  Chris and I traveled down to Crystal River to his Grandmother's home.  It was so much fun.  This year I didn't get to run in the Turkey Trot but I still went for a 4.6 mile run to get ready for the massive eating.  We left the house around 8:30a.m. with Carmen and Eden (sister-in-law and niece) and got to CR around 11a.m.  We helped around with the dinner and set up for a little bit.  There was an expected 30 plus people coming so thankfully not all the meal was done by Grandma Copeland.  It was an awesome pot luck and OH MY GOSH the best banana pudding ever too!  Grandma Copeland's house is awesome, she has a dinning room PLUS a whole room they call the gathering room, special for big family events.

This is the gathering room.  Those plates are so cute! I wish I asked where they were from.  I think Macy's... maybe...

Beginnings of the food... not everything is out yet.

Dinning room.  The foil covered pan at the bottom is the banana pudding

The Line up

 I know you can't really read it but it says "Thanksgiving Dinner at the Copeland's" with the theme of the day and scripture.

We ate around 3:30p.m. and before Grandma gave a welcome, mom (Chris's Mom) gave the family scripture and theme for the day, and Nicole (Sister in law) led everyone in a song.  The eating then commenced.  Everything was great... especially the stuffing or as everyone else said there dressing.  One thing I have learned is Southern Thanksgivings are way different from the North.  But also, white people Thanksgivings are different from black people.  I know that sounds racist but it's so true.  I told Chris how since moving and living in the south Thanksgiving has been different.  We actually saw pictures of other people's dinner on facebook (white people FYI) and Chris was like "oh yeah... there dinner is different."  HAHA.  But no matter what everything is so good.

We were done eating and some how left by 5-5:30p.m. and I even stayed up the whole drive to keep Chris awake, which is a miracle in and of it's self.  We wanted to get home at a reasonable time because the next morning we were headed off to Orlando... another post to come. =)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


You want to know what's the best calling to become really tired after church and then take a nap and not feel bad about it... NURSERY!  Seriously I have never felt so tired after church in my life, since my new calling in Nursery.  Being the primary chorister never made so tired.  I'm really loving nursery.  I was nervous at first that I was going to not like being around other people like in Sunday School and Relief Society but so far I'm doing really well.  Sister Brock and Elizabeth Tew are SO SO awesome and help out a lot.  Plus, Chris is in there a lot of the time too which is great too. The kids love that he's there.  I have made a few little things and I thought I would share them.

This is a sign that I have outside the door on the wall.

The lesson title is on a magnet so I can change it each week.

This is just a little sign with all the kids names.  Since we'll be loosing four at the beginning of next year I just taped all the names on.  I got the little animals at a Dollar Tree in the teacher's section.  I thought they were pretty cool.  Plus I got 32 of each in a packet.

I have set up a strict schedule so the kids learn to have a schedule so when they get into Primary they'll be a little more prepared.  This depicts our activities of the day.  There are two clean up times but just had room for one.  But you get the idea.

So once we're done with on the the scheduled items we close the little flap and it shows that it's done.  I actually saw this on Pintrest but it was for teaching a child daily home tasks so I just converted it for church.  I thought it came out pretty well.

These are just a few of the ideas that I have actually put into action.  I have lots more I just need the time to get them done!  School will be over in less than a month so I'll have more time to get them done.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Veteran's Day

This past Monday was totally awesome.  We took the whole day we just did whatever we wanted and chilled.  In the morning we went for breakfast to Canopy Road Cafe.  We have been meaning to go there for awhile and finally made the trip.  It was so great! We both love breakfast and this place is a great place to go for it.  We sat in the back of the restaurant in a separate room that only had three tables so it was as if we had the place all to ourselves.  Another couple came in a little later but I was able to get a picture of us together with the camera timer and not feel silly.
In this back room they had a cool painting on the walls too.

Chris got french toast, eggs, and bacon.

I had multi grain pancakes with strawberries, bananas, and walnuts on top and then a side of fruit.  SO YUMMY! Also, I tried some sugar free syrup that was surprisingly really good.

The restaurant is located off Monroe next to the old abandoned Albertsons.  
There's also one in Killearn 

After breakfast we went to Target and the mall and I brought a notebook and we just went around making Christmas lists.  We just needed something to do where we didn't have to spend money but still get out of the house.  It was pretty fun!  It's way easier directly showing Chris things I wouldn't mind instead of trying to describe it.

Before entering Macy's they had this cute write a letter to Santa station.  

We got home and I was suppose to get some school stuff done and Chris was to study for the GMAT however... let's just say Parks and Recreation and a nap happened and it got to be like 3:30.  We tried afterwards to get some studying in but not for very long.  But we did go and get some Nuberri! 

Overall, a pretty awesome day.  We hardly get days where we just do whatever and take like a two hour nap, haha!  The Saturday before was busy so it was nice to just take the day and do whatever.  But seriously... Canopy Road Cafe is way good, you should check it out!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Much Needed Date Night

We haven't been out to eat and on a real date since August.  Whenever we have a little extra money any chance to get out is taken.  This past Friday we went out to eat to Mr. Roboto's.  We wanted to go somewhere we haven't been in a long time and to just jazz it up from the normal Moe's, Chipotle, Publix subs (I crave those at least once a week), etc.  Plus, I tend to have a problem that whenever we go out to eat I'm still hungry after and I knew Mr. Roboto's usually had decent portion sizes.

Three huge pieces of tofu did the trick... or a little while at least.

Not trick enough because of course we had to go for ice cream or I guess frozen yogurt since it was Nuberri.  I'm pretty much addicted to that place.  So good!  

 We end the evening by going over to some friend's house for a little game night around a fire pit.   Thankfully it was cool enough out for a fire.  This weather lately has been crazy... I would like it to just stay cold, but alas this is north Florida. 

On Saturday we went out to the Grissett's and got some sweet potatoes.  Yes, these two things I am holding are sweet potatoes.  I have never seen any vegetables this large before.  Crazy!  We didn't keep these ones they went to some other people but I had to take a picture because of how GINORMOUS they are.  I'm just excited now to make sweet potato fries.  Yum Yum!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Sorry but there are no pictures with this post... sad day.  But I hope you will continue to read. 

Halloween this year basically just showed up in a few hours and left.  Seriously,  I had no time to worry about it and no time to even think of costumes.  Last year's costumes pretty much was enough to spread into this year.  I have been crazy busy with school and just finished a presentation yesterday where I had to talk for 20-30 minutes... which thankfully teaching in church and talks has prepared me for that but still not fun to get all together. 

Wednesday (Halloween) I worked in the morning and I usually work all day but got the afternoon off to finish up my presentation.  It went well and finished it up however, after picking up Chris and getting home I had a nervous break down and cried for like 30 minutes.  Story. of. my. life. these days.  But being the awesome person he is, Chris comforted me and I gathered myself up. 

That evening we went over to the Stuckey's house.  The Stuckey family have a daughter, Shawnee, who is mentally disabled and she LOVES passing out candy to trick or treaters.  We really wanted to go last year but I can't remember why... I think most likely because we had out own candy to pass out, Lame Excuse.  So we decided this year we were going to go.  Our quick fix costumes was us in pajamas and we carried our scriptures and said we were seminary students.  I remember growing up in Michigan and some of the older kids doing that as a costume so it was the easiest.   What Brother and Sister Stuckey normally do is they'll take turns dressing up in just quick hats, masks, etc and knock on the door different times, usually on their knees, and then Shawnee gives them candy.  It was so much fun and she loved it.  Plus we got to see Chris and Sarah Stuckey for the first time in FOREVER... well at least me, Chris works with Sarah now but I haven't seen them in awhile. 

Anyway, that was our halloween, nothing too special but totally worth it.  Maybe next year will be a little more eventful.  I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving though for sure!  I guess I'll give one picture from a old blog post just to give you something to look at.

Actually, I just found these!  The pretty lady to the far left and below, just got married on October 20th!!
So Happy for you Andrea.  Congratulations and best wishes !!