Monday, November 28, 2011


The First Thanksgiving In Our New Home!

Thanksgiving Table all set and ready to go!  We had about 12 people in total.  The chairs changed up from this picture but over all this was the table.  

My little "Give Thanks" banner 

I made 16 linen napkins and napkin felt rings.

Little autumn wreath.  I got the fake raven at Jo Anns for like $2 and when I took Chris us to the wreath to show him it he jumped and then said the bird had to go.  HAHA

Chris's sister Carmen took this picture of us.  We sat at the head of the table and Chris was giving his little welcome speech and then the prayer.

Sorry that there aren't very many pictures.  All I can say is it was wonderful and that there was TONS of food.  So much.  I made apple crisp, peach cobbler, whole wheat dinner rolls, green beans, and Chris made homemade mash potatoes.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves and it was great to be with family. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jazz, Nazism, and Judaism

Now, I know you're probably like... "What the heck do these have in common?" Well, we do know that Nazism and Jews have a not so good relationship.  But I'm just expressing what I will be up to the next few weeks and that is researching a paper for my Holocaust class.  All while listening to my new favorite kind of music on Pandora, Jazz.  I have always been fond of Jazz but thanks to Pandora I am REALLY getting into it.  So much so that I'm taking a history of jazz course in the Spring, which as my good friend Sara Brown as said this course will really help me understand my new minor of African-American studies.  I'm stoked!

Yeah... coming out of Strozier with a bunch of Nazi books, I thought people might judge or question me.

Jazz Essentials 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello Blogger World! I am FINALLY getting a new post out to you all.  This post is all about our trip to Utah.  I know I made it sound like the new post was expressing some new exciting news... ::cough cough:: a baby.  But unfortunately this is not the case.  But this trip was super exciting and totally on impulse.

We knew about in August that Chris's best friend Stephen Jones would be getting married in and around October.  Stephen and Chris have been friends since childhood and their families have been close for a long time.  Stephen also was the one who introduced Chris to the gospel and what a blessing that is, especially in my life =).  So for weeks we debated whether or not we should go.  Well, I had class on Fridays at the time and so I wasn't going to be able to go but maybe Chris could go by himself.  Being Chris's stubborn self he wouldn't go without me.  Our decision was no.  However, Chris just wanted to go SOO bad and he made the decision that he would just go by himself.  He called Stephen and let him know he was coming.  Then Chris forgot about trying to get off from work. He asked his boss if he could get some work off around the last week of September.  It got to about a week before the wedding (October 14th) and Chris didn't think he got any time off so he called Stephen and said that he wasn't coming.  Pretty much a day or two after he talked to Stephen his boss said that he got Friday and Saturday off.  SWEET!

Now, we had to decide should be drop the amount of money to go to Utah or use it for our new home.  Chris really wanted to go and he felt that he needed to be there for his best friend.  He was there for Chris in so many ways and he came to our wedding so it was set we're going.  It turned out great because my dad and step mom live in Sandy so we had a place to stay and drivers.  We hadn't seen my dad since February so we were excited for this opportunity.

We didn't tell Stephen that we were coming AT ALL.  Chris even talked to him the day before his wedding and said he was sorry that we couldn't make it and all that jazz.  Thursday night we left at about 9:30p.m. to head over to Jax.  Our awesome friend Andrew let us stay the night and then he took us to the airport at 4:45a.m. for our 6:00a.m. flight.  The Sealing was at noon and we got in at 11:50a.m. so after my dad picked us up we headed right over to Temple Square.  Stephen's family knew we were coming except him and so we waited outside for the newly married couple to come out.
I made these awesome signs on the plane for them to see on their way out of the Temple

He was SO surprised.  It was totally worth it!

That evening was the reception in Alpine.  After we surprised him my dad took us back to his home and we settled in and then he took us to Cafe Rio! Very yummy.  Then we picked up Bobbi (my step mom) from work after we got ready and they took us over to the reception. 

Danni and Stephen Jones

We had such a wonderful time and the reception was beautiful.  We had lots of fun.  Poor Chris though forgot a belt and a shirt for the reception so we had to make a quick trip to Target.  He doesn't like packing fast. HAHA.  But he got a really nice shirt and super cool reversible belt out of it. 

Saturday morning we were up early with my dad and Bobbi and out the door by 7:30a.m. to go to the Salt Lake Temple to do some temple work.  We did some of our family files.  It was a wonderful experience.  The Salt Lake Temple is just unbelievable.  An experience that all who can make it there should!  I love the Orlando Temple and it will always be "my" temple but SLC Temple is just so beautiful and an experience in and of it's self.  The spirit is so strong in the temple and I just couldn't help but think of all those beyond the vail who are waiting for their work to be done and how important it is for those of us who have the privilege to do go to the temple for us to do their work.

My Dad and Bobbi =)

We got home around noon one o'clock and that evening Bobbi's family was coming over for pizza so Dad, Bobbi, and I went to Costco to pick up some pizzas and my first trip to Ikea!  Never been to one before so I was super excited to go.  Chris works every Saturday so he just wanted to stay home and watch football.  On the way home I was saying that I bet we'll walk in and he'll be dead asleep.  Well...

I was right =)

That evening Chris and I got to finally meet Bobbi's two sons, daughter in law, and her parents.  It was a lovely evening.  We woke up Sunday morning and my dad made us some pancakes before we made our way to the airport for our 10:00a.m. flight.  

I was so happy we made the decision to go.  Even though it was expensive we were able to have memories that we will always remember.  Hope you enjoyed this post.  I'm hoping to post another good one about Halloween.  Stay tuned! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Be Excited!

Alright everyone be excited a good blog post will be coming shortly.  My life has been really busy and boring but we recently have had some excitement in our lives so be excited... very excited.  BUT NOT TOO excited.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Date Night

Sorry that I haven't blogged in FOREVER, but seriously, not working any more you may think, "WOW she has way more time to blog and craft and read." But in reality, nope not true.  I seriously am reading and studying all afternoon before I pick Chris up from work around 6:30p.m. However, I wanted to post about our really most recent date night.

Chris works quite a bit, including a full shift of 9:30a.m. to 3:00p.m. on Saturdays.  So, I am by myself... a lot and get lonely quite a bit too.  So we hadn't been on a real date in awhile because usually we just want to lay around the house and relax.

I usually make a lunch of Chris and I recently bought him his own lunch box.  On this particular day I thought I'd sent along with his lunch a little note asking him out on a date of dinner, movie, and ice cream. Please do not take notice of my bad spelling, it has never been a strength of mine.

I made this really yummy vegetable minestrone soup that I have been wanting to make for awhile.  After I picked him up from work we had a nice dinner with one another at home and then headed to the movies for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes."

Look at all that yummy veggieness and pasta!
I didn't get any pictures at the movie theatre but here is one of us at TCBY hittin' up the Fro Yo.

The movie and such was on a Thursday and the next day Friday the date kinda continued.  We attend a Florida State Volleyball game (FYI all games are FREE TO ALL).  It was WAY fun and I got a free shirt out of it. The game was apart of a tournament they were having.
While we were there across the way (basically the other side of the court from where we were sitting) We saw some FSU basketball players.  

Quick side story.  We went to a basketball game last year that was during the Winter break from school against Stetson (no one was there, very empty).  However, sitting behind us was EJ Manuel (FSU quaterback) and Chris asked me if we could go up there and if he could take a picture with him for his Dad.  I was too nervous and felt silly so I said no... and then EJ Manuel left and Chris was sad.  I promised him next time we see him or any one else that he would like to take a picture with I would let him.  So here is Chris with Bernard James in the white and Michael Snear in the the blue.  FYI they were all standing on the floor, that's all natural height in those boys (including Chris, haha!)

They played Kentucky and as you can see by the score they pretty much dominated the whole time.  Seriously you should go check out a volleyball game they are way fun and exciting.

With my new found or sometimes lost time I'll try and keep up.  We did just finally signed for our new home and will be moving in this week so I'll have that to blog about for sure.  Have a great Sabbath Day!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Latest Crafting

Good Afternoon Fellow Bloggers!  I decided to share with you all my latest crafting/ sewing projects.  The first was this really awesome bib necklace.

I thought I would model if off for ya too so you get the idea.

I got this necklace idea from a good friend Mrs. Blimes ever since she posted this almost a year ago I have been wanting to make one REALLY bad.  I love the camel colors she used.  I had a few fabric scraps and felt around so I thought I could pull it off for sure now.  I went obviously for a mixture of colors.  I would have to say my favorite part are the cute buttons.  Thanks Marquases for the awesome idea!! I have gotten tuns of compliments on it.  One girl at the store said she really liked it because it was something totally different.  

Next project was really my first bag/tote.  I have been wanting to make a new bag for awhile now.  I only have two purses and I have been wanting to buy a new one but I'm strange... sometimes I think to myself why buy something I can make.  I haven't bought any jewelry myself since like 8th grade because I just look at some stuff and say "I could MAKE that."  So that kinda transfers to things like bags.

The idea/ pattern came from Make it and Love it blog that I have been recently following.  Her tote is a heavier duck cloth.  Mine is a kind of upholstery material but it worked out.  I love the rustic life pattern.  Chris hates it.  We went to Hobby Lobby the day after it opened here in Tally and I was looking at the fabric and saw some just like this and told him how much I love it.  He was not impressed.  So when I got it and was about to show him I said I know you won't like it but it's something for just me and you won't have to "use" it.  

What I am most proud of myself was the lining.  I didn't think I could do it but I just followed the directions and took my time and it turned out Great!

I think I'm going to use this as my new church bag.  Now that I was just called as the Relief Society Secretary I felt I needed a more grown up bag instead of my fun Primary panda bear bag. (I STILL LOVE YOU PANDA BEAR BAG!! You will be used don't worry)

The only other thing I have been working on and I haven't taken any pictures are my cloth napkins.  I am always trying to find ways for Chris and I to save money (and help the environment out along the way too) and I told him one day that I really wanted to make our own napkins so we can save money on constantly buying paper ones.  Plus, I want to save the earth!  =)

My best friend MacKenzie and her family have ALWAYS used cloth napkins and last Thanksgiving when I was visiting them in Michigan I told myself I wanted to do the same.  Sorry there are no pictures but their not as excited as the two things above.

I know all of you are WAY more crafty then me but I thought I'd show some of my simple things I have been working on with some of the time I have acquired. Happy Sewing/ Crafting!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not quite sure what to post about...

So I decided to copy my friend Kristen and do a little about me from a to z!  Plus I'm a little bored at work and have 45 minutes left.

A. age :: twenty two.

B. bed size :: full.

C. chore you hate ::  putting away laundry.

D. dogs :: none... but hopefully some day.

E. essential start to your day :: Breakfast.

F. favorite colors :: blue, green, yellow.

G. gold or silver :: Silver for sure in terms of jewelry.

H. height :: five feet six inches.

I. instruments you play :: Piano, a little guitar, and clarinet.

J. job title :: Legal Division Receptionist.

K. kids :: Some day.

L. live :: Tallahassee.

M. maiden name :: Fruehan.

N. nicknames :: don't really have any.  In high school friends called me K-dog.  Ummm.... my sister sometimes calls me Kendie.

O. overnight hospital stays :: I don't think I have ever had... but maybe as a baby.  I had to have a hernia repair at age one so maybe then but I'm not sure.

P. pet peeve :: bad drivers... which is EVERYONE in Tallahassee... basically the whole state of Florida.

Q. quote ::"You miss 100% of the Shots you don't take."

R. righty or lefty :: right,

S. siblings :: two older brothers and one older sister.

T. time you wake up :: Usually before 7... all the time weekdays and weekends.

U. university attended :: TCC and FSU.

V. vegetables you dislike: none really... I have never had bruselspourts though so maybe those. haha

W. what makes you run late :: taking forever to get going.

X. x-rays you’ve had :: my right middle finger and my teeth at the dentist!

Y. yummy food :: Mexican.

Z. zoo animal favorite :: Polar Bears, Giraffes, Lions, and Elephants.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Temple Weekend

On July 30, 2011, Chris and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Temple.  We drove down Friday evening and stayed at a hotel because this was the last time we could take advantage of Chris's employee discount since he starts his new job... TOMORROW.  Crazy.

Anyway, we woke up early (earlier then we thought because the hotel room alarm clock was about 15-20 minutes fast, which we didn't realize until we got into the car) and got ready.  We really like going to the first Saturday morning session so we got to the temple a little bit before 7:00a.m. for the 7:30a.m. session.  Usually there are only about maybe 10 people in this session but this time it was full!  After the session we went and did some sealings for a little while.

The temple is the greatest place on earth and I just hope and pray that I can always keep my home in accordance to the feeling one can have in the temple.  Enjoy the pics!

Friday, July 29, 2011

This weekend we're going...

I'm really excited... we are needing so much needed Temple time.  We went to the Atlanta Temple last month with the Lehtos and it was great... just way to rushed, lots of people there, and all we got to do was a session.  We wanted to do more.  Then in May we went to the Washington, D.C. Temple while on our vacation there.  It was wonderful and peaceful.  However, Chris and I have noticed that Orlando will always be OUR Temple.  A place we feel the most comfortable and the place were we made sacred covanents with one another and the Lord. 

So Cheers to a Good Weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Soon to Be New Home!

Yes... Chris and I have found a house.  It has taken us about three to four months and we have found the place!  It's in first ward still and it's in an area we really like and that is only a little over two miles away from where we currently live.  It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room/family room, BIG kitchen, nice back yard, porch, and garage.  We have been so blessed to have found this place.  One of the best parts is that the owner bought the house in 2005 and totally gutted the place out.  So there are new carpets and flooring, new HVAC, all new kitchen, and they will be putting on a new roof. 

View from the Street

Closer view of the front.  I have always loved red front doors so that door will not be brown for long.  Also, the color is kind of depressing so we might change that...if budget permits.

The Amazing Kitchen! Yes...granite counter tops!

Kitchen Continued... this is like the eating area

Our back yard... lots of trees and leaves so yard work will need to be done.

Not only have we found this wonderful home  but Chris got a call today for an interview for an assistant manager position at an extended stay hotel here in town.  This is his FIRST call back from all the applications he has sent out.  This is a huge blessing and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for these blessings.  We are really trying to make the right decisions and go in the right direction for our future family and I feel this home is a good decision.  The Lord works on his own time table and I know that we must understand that and exercise patience.  So Cheers to our ALMOST new home!