Sunday, May 26, 2013


Lately we have been pretty busy the past two weekends.  Even though we were busy we still had a blast spending time together and saving up some more funds for our trip to Nashville.  We have been asked repeated questions about our DJing... we are subcontracted out by Amplify Entertainment which is the company of Nate Long.  There are ourselves and three other DJs (including Nate) with the company.  We normally just stick to doing the Youth Church Dances however once-in-awhile Nate will have an opening for a wedding and depending on our schedule we'll agree to do it.

On May 11th we headed out to The Retreat at Bradley's Pond to DJ a quaint wedding ceremony and reception.  The ceremony was suppose to be outside however there was a threat of rain and so they moved it inside.  We arrived there about 2:00p.m. and had the equipment up in less than a hour, which is like a record for Chris because usually we seem to always run into some kind of problem.  We still had almost a hour before we had to start any music so we sat out on the wrap around porch and had our lunch/dinner.  We do get fed but we hadn't had any lunch so on the way we stopped at Publix for some subs.  It was so nice to just take it easy before the ceremony.  Normally we're rushing to get everything set up and ready but we made sure to get there early to have this time. 

There were only about 30-40 people on the guest list and the ceremony was to start at 4p.m. but not everyone was there yet so they pushed it back to 4:30p.m.  Since it was such a small wedding everything went by pretty fast.  The reception went well, not a lot of dancing, but it didn't bother us.  We still did our thing and went a good dancing song (like the cupid shuffle, etc) people would come out.  The weather cleared up and it was SUPER nice outside so a lot of people were on the porch but said they were still dancing out there.

The night ended with the making of a Harlem Shake video.  It was crazy!  But do-able because of the small amount of guests.  It was a great evening and we even ended about 30 minutes early which was nice to get home earlier.  Here are a few pictures!

This is the outside of Bradley's Pond if you've never been there before.  This was my first time.  It was beautiful.  The big oak trees definitely gave you that southern charm and the building was a nice venue.

The very next weekend on May 18th we made the trek out to Thomasville, GA to Mills Pond Plantation.  GORGEOUS PLACE.  I never knew this place existed.  We headed out there early again to set up this time two systems; one for the ceremony and one for the reception, BOTH outside.  Thank goodness we got there early because there was a lot more to do and we at first ran into a problem of finding an outlet for the ceremony.  Another thank goodness that we brought our extension cord along with the three we had from Nate.  The ceremony started at 5:00p.m. and we got there at about 2:30p.m. and again had some time to just walk around the grounds.  I wish I got some pictures of the inside because there is a whole courtyard in the middle with plants and flowers.

The ceremony went smoothly.  They provided all the guests with yellow sunglasses to wear as the bride came down the aisle.  It looked pretty cute. The cocktail hour started right after so Chris had to run over under the tent where the reception was to start the music over there while I started taking down the ceremony equipment.

This reception was WAY more hopping.  There was an other bar with all kinds of alcohol so you can guess it got pretty crazy.  It was fun though.  Drunk people are funny and it was interesting to watch them but they enjoyed themselves.  Plus the bride and groom thankfully provided limo buses for them.  The bar closed at 11p.m. and it was funny and amazing that once it closed everyone left even though music was going to go up until midnight.  By 11:30-11:45 everyone was gone and we started taking down some things but kept the music going until midnight.  We didn't get home until 1a.m.  Let's just say Chris and I are old people and that's a LATE night for us.  The next day was a little hard to get through church with wide open eyes.

These pictures don't even do justice to how beautiful the building and grounds are.  The house is HUGE and all covered in ivy.  There are multiple trelisses around that are actually pretty short.  Both of us barely got under.
You can't see very well but the guests all have their sunglasses on.  It was really hot outside and it was so nice that the tent had fans in it or we all would have died of heat stroke!!

At one point during the night the bride wanted us to play "Sunglasses at Night" and ask everyone to put on their yellow sunglasses during it.  So you can kinda tell they have them on in the above picture.

Like I said, two very busy long weekends but totally worth it.  I really enjoy djing with Chris.  We have a fun time together and I so would rather go with him instead of sitting at home.  He says I help him out a lot but I don't think I do.  It's a fun thing we get to do together and from these two places you can see we get to go to some pretty awesome looking venues.