Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 6: Favorite Band or Artist

I skipped a lot of them and just went to this one.  It's not really what day 6 was but I just made it my day 6. I have many favorites as you probably will think since I couldn't pin point down a T.V. show.

First, band, Dashboard Confessional... I have liked this band/ artist (Chris Carrabba) since sixth grade and still love them.  I personally like the older Dashboard when it was just Chris Carrabba and his acoustic guitar and just straight emo music but I have learned to like the songs with a full band now.  I still haven't had a chance to see them in concert but I had a dream I did a few years back.  Does that count?

Next, Saves the Day and I mean original Saves the Day. The Saves the Day when the drummer (on the far right) was still alive and the lead singer (second to the left) didn't change his voice.  Saves the Day when it was true Punk Rock.  Awesome bad this album is great but totally check out "Stay what you Are." I have also liked this band since sixth grade.

Third, Jack Johnson.  Love love love his music.  It is totally difference from Dashboard and Saves the Day but I love all of it.  I can listen to Jack Johnson any day.  I knew about Jack Johnson back in 8th grade but didn't really start listening to him until my sophomore year.  Bubbly Toes was my first favorite song of his.

These are probably my top three favorites but I have SOOOOOOO many more.  I love all types of music.  Music can be such a big influence in a persons life however, the right music with the right message and not any of this stuff with bad messages.  Up lifting music that makes you happy and doesn't make you feel all icky you know what I mean


  1. oh man we LOVE dashboard!!! Drew and I totally fell in love to dashboard confessional! And you're right,the older stuf was amazing! But I will say I really enjoyed dusk and summer as well :o)

  2. Yes Dusk and Summer is one of my favorites too!!