Sunday, January 16, 2011

Life thus far in 2011

I haven't posted anything lately because it seems Chris and I's life is not that interesting.  However, I have some things to actually post about.  On January 7th Chris and I had a little date night.  We first had dinner at Crispers (awesome place I highly recommend it) and then went to the Crape Vine for dessert (another place I highly HIGHLY recommend).  We had a dessert crape called the Sweet Tooth.  It had bananas, strawberries, peanut butter and then nutella drizzled on the top... SO YUMMY!
This is a new outfit of mine.  I have been needing new jeans and clothing and thanks to my wonderful family who gave gift cards for Christmas to us I was able to get these rockin' new jeans, shirt and cardigan.  Thanks Dad and Ashley!

Now on the this past week.  Chris and I love basketball... we love football season but when basketball season starts up we get really excited.  Especially for Florida State Basketball.  This past week we went to the FSU vs. Duke game on Wednesday night.  Duke is (was) ranked #1 and came to Tallahassee and got their butts beat by the Seminoles!  Much excitement.  The Civic Center was packed and we had awesome seats.  We got there about two hours early and got our regular seat in section K right next to the tunnel that FSU runs in and out of.

All in the two student sections were these foam Seminole things.  Pretty cool.
The sea of yellow foam.
Other side of the sea of foam.
The nice girl behind us took this... before she one poured her beer on Chris' nice pea coat and two got drunk. 
Getting geared up!

It was an awesome game and we quite enjoyed ourselves.  Yesterday afternoon we attended the FSU vs.  NC State game and yet again another win.  Happy Basketball Season!


  1. Kendal! You look great in that picture! And looking mighty tiny. You and Chris are too cute!

  2. I agree! Your outfit is awesome, and you look great and tiny!
    Gift cards are the best :)

  3. ditto to their comments! you are lookin mighty fine and slim in that there new outfit!!!!!

    sorry about chris' jacket! so lame!

  4. awww Thanks guys! I have been so scared to get skinny jeans and I finally just sucked it up.

    Freya: I know about the Jacket... craziness! I think it needed to be dry cleaned or something like that anyway.

  5. I was just thinking at church the other day how smokin hot and skinny you are! (big ole preggy me is green with envy!)

    Also, I am mad impressed w/ur v-ball skillz!

    I know what you mean about feeling like lifes just not interesting enough to blog about sometimes... thats when i like to look up random surveys or pictures that i like. Or, its always fun to do a post like... "Getting to know more about Kendal." Thatd be a good read :0)

  6. Thanks Marquesas! I like the idea of little surveys and get to know you things. I'll have to try that out.