Sunday, August 7, 2011

Temple Weekend

On July 30, 2011, Chris and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Temple.  We drove down Friday evening and stayed at a hotel because this was the last time we could take advantage of Chris's employee discount since he starts his new job... TOMORROW.  Crazy.

Anyway, we woke up early (earlier then we thought because the hotel room alarm clock was about 15-20 minutes fast, which we didn't realize until we got into the car) and got ready.  We really like going to the first Saturday morning session so we got to the temple a little bit before 7:00a.m. for the 7:30a.m. session.  Usually there are only about maybe 10 people in this session but this time it was full!  After the session we went and did some sealings for a little while.

The temple is the greatest place on earth and I just hope and pray that I can always keep my home in accordance to the feeling one can have in the temple.  Enjoy the pics!


  1. Your pictures at the temple look so fabulous. I'm always so inspired by you!