Monday, September 5, 2011

Latest Crafting

Good Afternoon Fellow Bloggers!  I decided to share with you all my latest crafting/ sewing projects.  The first was this really awesome bib necklace.

I thought I would model if off for ya too so you get the idea.

I got this necklace idea from a good friend Mrs. Blimes ever since she posted this almost a year ago I have been wanting to make one REALLY bad.  I love the camel colors she used.  I had a few fabric scraps and felt around so I thought I could pull it off for sure now.  I went obviously for a mixture of colors.  I would have to say my favorite part are the cute buttons.  Thanks Marquases for the awesome idea!! I have gotten tuns of compliments on it.  One girl at the store said she really liked it because it was something totally different.  

Next project was really my first bag/tote.  I have been wanting to make a new bag for awhile now.  I only have two purses and I have been wanting to buy a new one but I'm strange... sometimes I think to myself why buy something I can make.  I haven't bought any jewelry myself since like 8th grade because I just look at some stuff and say "I could MAKE that."  So that kinda transfers to things like bags.

The idea/ pattern came from Make it and Love it blog that I have been recently following.  Her tote is a heavier duck cloth.  Mine is a kind of upholstery material but it worked out.  I love the rustic life pattern.  Chris hates it.  We went to Hobby Lobby the day after it opened here in Tally and I was looking at the fabric and saw some just like this and told him how much I love it.  He was not impressed.  So when I got it and was about to show him I said I know you won't like it but it's something for just me and you won't have to "use" it.  

What I am most proud of myself was the lining.  I didn't think I could do it but I just followed the directions and took my time and it turned out Great!

I think I'm going to use this as my new church bag.  Now that I was just called as the Relief Society Secretary I felt I needed a more grown up bag instead of my fun Primary panda bear bag. (I STILL LOVE YOU PANDA BEAR BAG!! You will be used don't worry)

The only other thing I have been working on and I haven't taken any pictures are my cloth napkins.  I am always trying to find ways for Chris and I to save money (and help the environment out along the way too) and I told him one day that I really wanted to make our own napkins so we can save money on constantly buying paper ones.  Plus, I want to save the earth!  =)

My best friend MacKenzie and her family have ALWAYS used cloth napkins and last Thanksgiving when I was visiting them in Michigan I told myself I wanted to do the same.  Sorry there are no pictures but their not as excited as the two things above.

I know all of you are WAY more crafty then me but I thought I'd show some of my simple things I have been working on with some of the time I have acquired. Happy Sewing/ Crafting!


  1. Kendal--that bag looks soooo good! That lining is suppper impressive. The necklace is super impressive and now I want cloth napkins too!

    I may need you to school me on some sewing skills b/c I'm seriously lacking in that department!

    And I know we keep saying it but...we neeeed to have a ladies craft night! For real!

  2. Well, let me change that: I want to start using the few cloth napkins that I have...I always think they're for "fancy" things--not anymore!

  3. Darling! Look at you being all crafty! Nice work. And I'm digging the bangs.