Sunday, January 22, 2012

Awesome Temple Day

Yesterday, Chris and I had an opportunity to attend the Orlando Temple.  However, what made this time a little bit different is we were accompanied by a young man named Malcolm.  Malcolm is about to leave on his mission to New York, New York North mission in about two-three weeks.  He is an awesome kid!  He is from Madison Florida (which for those of you who don't know about Madison it's okay because it's a super small cute town about 45 minutes east of Tallahassee).  Malcolm is the only member in his family and converted to the gospel about four years ago.  Chris has know him for a little while now and it we were excited that he came with us to the Temple.

A little bit ago he attended the Temple for his own endowments, so this was his second time going.  We really wanted to do something to help him prepare for his mission and he told us that we can help him out by getting the baptismal clothing he needs when he will baptize people on his mission. We told him we were going to be going on the 21st and were going to get those items for him.  He asked us if he could come with us and we were more then happy to have him come.  Since the Manhattan Temple is in his mission we think he will have the opportunity to go while serving, so we also set him up with his Temple clothing (here's a Link for more info. on Temples).

I really hope that he had a spiritual uplifting time.  We were able to do some sealings as well, which was Malcolm's first time too and so he had the opportunity to hear the words and rich blessings from sealing families who did not have the chance to be sealed together for time and all eternity on this earth.

I love going to the temple.  It's a day I look forward to ever month.  I'm so grateful that Chris's job has allowed him to take at least one Saturday off a month for us to be able to continue this tradition of ours.  The blessings that come from not only making sacred covenants but also continually attending the Temple are so great and precious.  I know that Chris and I's marriage is the way it is and continues to grow stronger because we strive to go each month.  

Have a Happy Sunday!!


  1. Kendal that's awesome! Wish we could've come. We're gonna go Saturday though. Well, actually, we just found out today that Stake Conference is next weekend, so I guess we'll go the week after. haha