Thursday, March 3, 2011

My AMAZING Birthday!

I have been meaning to blog for awhile now and I would have blogged about my birthday but things came up and it's taken me two weeks to get to it.  I know you probably have been dying to know how it went... but probably not.  But I'm going to tell you either way.

Can I just say I have an amazing husband.  First off he prepared a birthday party with Melissa B. for Seth and I.  It was so fun and I enjoyed it with all my great friends.  It was going to be a surprise party but it fell through with some issues and just turned into a regular party. That was the first spoiling he did and then he spoiled me all day on my birthday... seriously! He soils me a lot but today was over the top.  We woke up early Friday morning and went and worked out at the Leach (yes I am that crazy girl that wakes up early to get to the gym by 6:15-30a.m. in the morning).  Chris played basketball with a new guy he meet and then we went a played tennis for about a half hour.  I had class still so I went to class and then we went home to get ready for work.

These are my "Hey Look I'm 22" Pictures.  HAHA

Okay, can I just say I have an amazing job too! I work with some pretty awesome people.  When it's your birthday we have a lunch and you get to choose what it's going to be.  I chose subs (I did that last year too and we always seem to have pizza so I wanted to jazz it up a bit).  So we had subs, chips, and an amazing salad.  I got a wonderful card from my co-workers AND the best present ever... wait for it... my own set of headphones!! I had been sharing with the other girl that works my job in the morning and I'm already a germaphobe so getting my own headphones was great.  I got to use them for the first time on my birthday.

Next, Can I say I have an amazing family!  I was sitting at my desk behind the bullet prof glass and see this woman come off the elevator with a huge edible bouquet.  I was thinking oh my goodness that would be awesome if that is for me... next thing I hear... "I have a delivery for Kendal" my response, "That's me!!" I look at the card and it says Happy Birthday from your In-Laws.  They are so good to me and they know my love of fruit.  Later that evening my awesome mother in law dropped off a wonderful card for me too. Also I talked to all my siblings and my best friend that day. =)

Work went well I didn't have any crazy callers.  I got to leave at 5:15p.m. (It was really my break but my supervisor told me I could leave at that time).  Chris came a got me and we had to stop at Joanne's to pick up some things for my gift for Sarah's baby shower the next day.  I was on the phone with my dad at the time and Chris was traveling down the road and said "Oh I just realized I'm going the wrong way"and he turns to get onto Thomasville Road. I ask my dad to hold and say to Chris "No but we should go this way (meaning down Gadsden) because that is the easiest way to Joanne's not Thomasville Road."  I continue to talk to my dad and then we pull into the greatest place ever... Lucy and Leo's Cupcakery! I have been wanting to try this place for awhile now.  We walk in and I'm thinking "oh man what am I going to choose."  However, my amazing husband already called in an order and the cup cakes were waiting.  He is so great.  FYI he asked my supervisor earlier in the week if I could leave at 5:15p.m. that day.

We got to Joanne's and I got my felt for my craft project and then headed home.  We were going to originally go out to dinner because Chris wanted to take me to a really nice restaurant (Shula's actually) but I said how about we have the best darn breakfast for dinner dinner.  Chris made french toast on real french bread and sausage (we never get sausage).  We had the amazing fruit as well.  The rest of the evening I worked on my craft project and we just chillaxed.

Yes it was as good as it looks!

Yummy red velvet cup cake.  There was one for me and one for Chris and then a cookies and cream to share... okay I ate half of it that night.  Chris didn't want the other half that night.  He didn't eat it Saturday and then Sunday rolled around and I asked him if I could have the other half and he let me... see he is so awesome!

Here are the things I made for the baby shower.  They are little stuffed animals you can hang on the baby car seat with those plastic connective rings.  I thought they turned out cute.  I especially like the octopus

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband Chris.  He treats me so well and I am so blessed to be sealed to him for time and all eternity.  I have no idea how he can top this year!


  1. wow! that sounds like it really was a wonderful birthday! And you deserved every minute of it:) That French toast looks divine...yum! Sounds like you have a lot of people in your life who love you:) wonderful, wonderful:) Chris is a very sweet husband! And I really, really loved the little treats you made for baby cute!
    PS: What job has you working behind bulletproof glass?

  2. Awesome! What a sweetie pie hubby you have! 22 looks very good on you friend!

  3. Kim: I work at the Florida Bar and in the complaint/ discipline area for attorneys so we get some crazys sometimes =) Thanks for the comments ladies!