Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Job Frustrations

**Disclaimer: This is a ranting post... if you do not enjoy reading other people's rants this is not the post for you.**

Wow... there are just some days when I DON'T want to go to work.  Seriously, if you had my job there would be days you wouldn't want to go too.  I sit at a desk for 4 hours and 30 minutes and I answer the phone and talk to ALL different kinds of people... and I truly mean ALL different kinds.  I talk to lawyers, non-lawyers, crazy people, nice people, angry people, clueless people, etc. 

OH I guess I should say where I work... I work at The Florida Bar in the Legal Division.  I am the front receptionist in the afternoons.  I sit behind bullet prof glass because let's be honest I work in the department that has the most hostile people calling in and on occasion there could be angry people who come and want to start shooting up the place because The Florida Bar "didn't do anything" to discipline (or what most people just want done... disbarment) their attorney.  So basically, if anyone is going to come and start shooting on the floor I'm on I'm pretty much the first one to take the heat.

On the floor I work is ACAP (Attorney Consumer Assistance Program) they take in all the complaints.  Now those people have it worse them me... seriously they get it bad.  I get it pretty bad too but not as bad as them.  But what's more frustrating is people who work at the bar and NEVER have to talk to the general public.... pretty much NEVER have to talk on the phone to anyone.  They have no idea what we go through and then when they complain about whatever it's like "oh cry me a river" seriously you have no idea the kinds of people I have to talk to everyday. 

Now don't get me wrong some people's problems are sad and others not so much.  Right now there is a huge problem with foreclosure fraud and time share fraud and it's frustrating because I have MULTIPLE people call in everyday with the same attorney's names asking their discipline history.  It's to the point that I have memorized pretty much everything on their record. 

I enjoy the people I work with... they're awesome! I just don't like the daily grind of my job.  All I know is I CAN'T do a job where I sit at a desk all day long in front of a computer.  I seriously would just go insane, no lie I would be like crazy co-worker that on the outside looks okay but on the inside could just snap. 

Basically, I am grateful for a job and I am VERY blessed be have an income and being able to work part time everyday and go to school everyday.  But there are just days, like today, when being at work is the LAST place I want to be.  Ultimately my goal is to just be a stay at home mom and raise and teach my children.  That's all that I want...


  1. Like I always say... the real world is so overrated. :)

  2. Everyone needs a little bit of ranting every now and then. And the Florida Bar sounds like a rant worthy place of work for sure...just from what I've heard. Hang in there! Its not forever!! (That's what I tell myself...it helps a little)