Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meal Frustrations

I have been thinking about Chris and I's meal habits lately.  I know it's a pretty random thing.  See, we never have any decent meals throughout the week (really I am just talking about dinner or supper whichever floats your boat).  On Mondays we MIGHT get a good dinner in meaning it's just pasta or pancakes.  Tuesdays, totally not because Chris has to be to Church by 7:00p.m. and we don't get home from work until 6.  Wednesdays are usually the best because we have the time to make something but even then it's something super easy like pasta because after a day of school and work we don't quite feel like making a big dinner.  Then Thursdays again Chris usually goes on Bishopric visits and that's at 7:00p.m.  Fridays are usually our eat out days so that's always nice.  Saturdays... it changes all the time.  Sundays are the GLORY DAYS! Now I have read many articles, opinions, talks on keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  Some people have said to not have big extravagant dinners on Sunday but to just have simple meals.  I totally understand the reason why and so forth... but when you're eating pancakes twice a week (like this week) and pasta you look forward to Sunday when you can ACTUALLY have a good dinner. But BY GOLLY I am going to continue to make my good meals where I put more effort into it on Sundays for my man because I CAN and I want to eat good and ACTUALLY be full at least once a week...

okay... I'm done ranting...

Here is a beautiful picture of a pot roast... an example of a Hargrett Home Sunday Dinner

**Disclaimer** This is not one of the pot roasts I have made I took this picture from off the internet


  1. girl! same here! sunday is the only day when there's time! we eat way too much cereal ha.

  2. I see nothing wrong with having a nice meal on Sundays. In fact, if you are really against "working" to have a nice meal on the Sabbath, then do all the prep work for it on Saturday. My mom is big into doing that, and that way, you still win. Nice meal, without a lot of work on Sunday.