Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I love about Short Hair

1. My showers are shorter... about five minutes shorter

2. It takes me five minutes to blow dry my hair

3. When it's windy outside my hair doesn't get in my face

4. I'm unique, because let's be real, not many 22 (23 in 9 days) year olds have short hair.  At least from what I see on campus.  Plus, most women with short hair are either under the age of 4 or over the age of 50.

5. I love when Chris runs his hands through it and gives me head messages.

6. Not having tangles in my hair at the end of the day

7. Not having it in my face all the time

8. Less headaches because it's not up or tight

9. Getting kind complements =)

10. Looking maybe older? I think a little bit older.  I may be still in college but I don't like LOOKING like I'm in college.


  1. Plus you save a ton of money on shampoo!!! haha
    Seriously, though, I love your hair!

    1. Oh Donna! You're too funny.

      Tanya: That was one I thought of after this post. I actually was going to try and edit the post but then didn't get a chance but that one is FOR SURE. =)