Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 Thus Far

2012 so far has been pretty good to us.  I'm super busy with school, all the time.  Chris is still working hard and being the amazing husband he always is.

Well, my 23rd birthday just past.  It's really crazy to think that I'm 23... I'm two years away from being a quarter of a century old.  This year's birthday was really chill.  Since my birthday is on February 18th, I have seemed to always have a love hate relationship with Valentine's Day.  Okay, not ALL my life just since I've been with Chris.  He always gets confused because he doesn't want to do anything or get me anything on v-day and just wait until my birthday.  Which is fine, usually every year I say it's all good.  However, every year our v-day turns soar when I say something like, "You could have at least got me flowers!"  Yeah... I'm really mean.  I'm sorry.  But every year Chris has so much patience and always delivers.  This year he got me this little baby,
I said the whole flower thing as we were driving home from the church and I was still upset once we got home and then, Chris walked in with this.  He's so good to me.  I have been wanting a mixer for a long time now and he said he had been saving up for it for a long time time and felt that he worked really hard and wanted to get me something I really wanted.  He was going to wait until my actual birth day but he wanted to show me he really did love me.  

So, on my real birthday, which was on a Saturday, I had to take Chris to work in the morning and then I went to the Leach gym to work out, then got home and really didn't do much.  It was just a same old Saturday.  I picked Chris up from work and we got home and he started on my birthday dinner.  

Prep work

In the midst of cooking

It smelled SOOO good. The whole house was smelling great

Master chef with his creation

Fingers crossed!

It was amazing.  It was vegetarian Sheppard's pie. Plus yummy whole wheat rolls that I made

The rest of the evening we went to the movies to see "Red Tails" FYI terrible movie, I would express my opinion but I don't feel like it.  Let's just say it could have been WAY better.  Good thing it only cost $12 with my groupon deal.

We also, snuck in some crepe vine desserts.  Since I put them in my purse all the stuff on the top got plastered on the take out box... oh well totally worth it.

All in all, a decent birthday.  Nothing too special about it but let's just say with the new mixer our homemade pizza Sundays have been great.  I love the captain dough hook!


  1. your house looks so pretty! That is awesome he made you that yummy dinner! I'm glad you had a good birthday AND Valentine's Day this year:) you deserve it! And about the flowers...I do something just like that if it makes you feel better...:) when we got interviewed before getting married by a member of the stake presidency (I'm feeling bad right now bc I can't remember his name...he had a southern accent and it was under President Austin...anyway!), he told Stace to bring me flowers every once in a while "just because"...annnnddd...he's never done that. So...every once in a while...I say a little something. I'm holding out hope for one of these days... :)

  2. What an AWESOME present! I noticed the Kitchen Aid when we were over making the diaper cakes, but forgot to ask you about it! And I love that Chris cooks for you. So sweet!

  3. Thats so sweet, what a sweet present!

    I am honestly amazed at you homemade wheat rolls they look delicious!

  4. ooooh how awesome! happy birthday to you indeed! i don't think you're mean, you def deserve a good valentine's day no matter how close your birthday is! and i'm sorry the movie wasn't up to par that's but that's still nice you got a date night out!