Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hargrett Happenings

I realized that if Chris and I weren't an interracial couple, most likely this blog would be called "Hargrett Happenings" however, I personally like how things are.  The last post was about me and school.  But lately we have had some exciting things occur.  Easter was very nice.  I got Chris a little Easter bag of goodies.
His favorite candy, a movie (three actually all three x-men in one), books (I found 1776 at Goodwill for $3.99 and couldn't pass it up.  We both have been wanting to read it for awhile, so it's really a gift for both of us. and The Odyssey, Chris wants to read, also a Goodwill buy for $0.99), and chapstick because he was running low.

I did make him go on a little hunt for it.  I decided to have him look for it Saturday night so we could watch one of the movies and also because Sunday we were going to have a busy day.

Currently Chris's sister is at a rehab. center in Carrabelle so as a family we all went down to visit her and we brought dinner with us too.  His sister is only like 33 or 35 and this place is kind of a old folks home so she had some good stories to tell us.  Hopefully she won't be there much longer.

Last Sunday we attended the funeral for Chris's grandfather.  It was a really nice service.  He died at the age of 88 and lived a long full life.  It was great to see all of Chris's extended family again.  His family has a family cemetery out in Wakulla county and so we are excited to go back to possibly get some rubbings of the tomb stones for family history.  We also recently received some great family pictures as well.  FYI, if you haven't been to a Missionary Baptist Church funeral it is pretty awesome.  I'm not going to lie I have never felt the spirit as strong and any other church thing outside of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It's really a great experience.  The music is by far my favorite part.

Well, ONE MORE WEEK and I'm done with this semester!!! I'm so ready for a break and I have lots of plans to fill my time.  The most exciting thing that has occurred lately is Chris's new job.  He will be a sales manager at the Four Points Sheraton.  For those living in the Tallahassee area it's the old Holiday Inn round building off Tennessee Street.  This has been just an amazing blessing in our lives.  Chris is going to be going back to school for his MBA and his current job's hours would not work with school time and this new job will definitely help him to be able to focus on school.  Here's a picture of the building.  Sales is very much up Chris's alley so we're excited for the move and change.  The Lord truly has blessed and has been looking out for us.


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  2. I firmly believe that easter hunts are so much more fun as an adult! And those easter goodies look awesome!

    The new job is so so so exciting! And you have to get us in to look at how the rooms are shaped. Kristen and i used to have long drawn out conversations about it. We were going to sneak in but never go around to it :)

  3. WOW!! what a cool job, that is so neat and Chris will be great!

    and that's a really good family history idea, i should do the same.

  4. 1. I LOVE that blue chair! SO CUTE!
    2. Let us know what you guys think of 1776...I've been wanting to read it, too!
    3. I had the honor of attending Chris' family's church with Heather Johnson (now Zimmerman) for his grandma's funeral while he was on his mission. Everyone was so warm, kind and welcoming. It was definitely awesome. :)
    4. Congrats to Chris on his awesome new job! very cool!

  5. Does this mean they are going to finish that hotel soon? haha, it feels like they've been working on it forever!

    Also, I love the Easter stuff you got Chris. I totally slacked off this year and didn't get anything for Jesse. But we still had fun!

  6. You are such a good wife I didnt do anything for Easter and tell Chris Congrats on the new job thats great!

    p.s- Random but I think you should know your hair is sooo pretty!

  7. Yay for Chris (and you)!! So exciting! Props on going back to school....I don't think I could ever go back! You are such a sweet wife (and good bargain shopping too) and of course you have to hunt for the basket! My mom always writes out clues and we have to follow them until we find our basket. It's always hilarious watching everyone hunt for their basket!

  8. Thanks everyone for the well wishes!! Since chris got me a rockin' birthday present I felt inclined to get him a little something for Easter. Plus for DAYS he was complaining about wanting peanut m&ms. The hotel is scheduled to open at the end of May! But the administrative staff moves into next week, which is crazy because we took a tour this past Saturday and all that is done are rooms. They must have Lots and lots of people workin' on it. Thanks again!

  9. Congrats on the new gig, Chris! And Kendall... I love reading your updates. I miss you guys!