Tuesday, May 1, 2012

School's OVER... for the spring

Yes, you heard right.  The Spring Semester is OVER.  Thank goodness.  It's been one crazy, long, stressful semester and it's finally over.

Now, I have two weeks off before school starts again for the summer.  What am I up to, do you ask?  Well, let's start with Saturday, April 28th.  I was suppose to have my volunteer orientation for The Tallahassee Museum but unfortunately it was canceled, without my knowing until I got there. Oh well... but I was able to get some much needed yard work done.  This is the side of our home walking up some steps that go into the garage.  This was FULL of leaves... and those stones were all underneath the leaves around that little tree.  It took a total of 7 yard waste bags!

I also started some compost!! I'm super excited.

Sunday we had the missionaries over, so I made my sister's amazing chicken tortilla soup.  Very yummy and thank you Lindy I shredded the chicken like a pro with my kitchen aid.  

 I also made these really good Pumpkin cookies.  The recipe is vegan friendly and really yummy.  I added chocolate chips tough and happy that I did.  

Monday I went for a bike ride on the St. Mark's Trail and then came home to clean the house.  I'm happy too because I was able to go and have lunch with Chris.  This not having anything to REALLY do is pretty nice.  I also started on part of my garden... 

I'm going to have a lot bigger one but still collecting some things for it.  These two little planters were given to us by our good friends almost a YEAR ago and now I finally got them started.  The tin one is tomatoes and the trea cota one has baby leaf, spinach, and arugula.

Today, I went for another bike ride however when I had a little less than one mile left I had a little accident.  Let's just say I experienced what all LDS missionaries experience... I flipped over the handle bars.  I was going pretty fast and next to the trail there is a recycling center with trucks going in and out of it.  There was one truck waiting to turn and I didn't see another one turning in and I slammed on the brakes and went flying.  Thankfully I was actually at the time just passing a kind man who stopped and helped me up.  The truck driver even got out to check on me.  I'm totally fine and it was most definitely my fault I should have seen the truck coming.  My knees are sore and my hands scratched up. Well, it's the first bike accident of the training.  

Stay tuned for more up dates on my little vacation.  I'm going to be starting the garden soon so I'll have to before and after pictures. Also, Happy May!!

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  1. yay for school being over! you made it!
    i want to compost so bad too! one day when we have a house!
    i'm sorry you crashed! bikes are scary!!!