Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Job

Sooo... I got a job.  Crazy I know.  I just quit my old job back in September at The Florida Bar and now I'm back to the grind.  But I'm pretty excited about it.  I'm a law clerk for a lawyer downtown and it's a really laid back kinda place.  My awesome friend Janell works/ed there and is moving.  Well, Tuesday, June 26th she put on facebook that if anyone needs a job her job is hiring.  I had been discuss with Chris lately that I thought I should go back to work because I graduate in December and I'm only going to be taking one maybe two classes in the Fall so I thought I should find something productive to do.  I said to Chris that if I'm going back to work I really want to work at a law office.  Wednesday I got my resume and cover letter all together and went down to the office and dropped it off.  I meant Mr. Davis (the lawyer) and I got an interview for that Friday the 29th.  CRAZY fast.

Chris had to take the car in the morning and my interview was at 2p.m. so he came back with the car and had these waiting for me.  Yummy cupcakes from Lucy and Leo's.  Just a little good luck gift.  

The interview went great and Janell put in a good word for me and I was offered the job right there.  I couldn't believe it.  The Lord truly blessed Chris and I that day.  So I started this past Monday and so far so good.  Janell's last day is Thursday so after that I'm on my own.  

Ready to eat my yummy blueberry lemon cupcake =)


  1. congrats, Kendal! You and Chris are truly so blessed:)

  2. how awesome! can't wait to hear all about it! and chris is such a sweetie to get you some of those delish cupcakes!

  3. YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Does this at all mean you are interested in going to law school? You would be a fantastic attorney I think :-)

    Good for you!!!

  4. Congrats on the new gig! You'll do great.