Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's been happin'

Lately, life has been eventful and uneventful, if that is possible.  I finished up my Summer session of classes and ended with two A's, A-, and B+.  So very thankful for that.  Especially for the A- and B+ those were the grades when I started my new job.  I now have started my last semester of my undergraduate career.  YAHOO!!!

Last First Day of School, August 27, 2012

Recently, Chris and I are now temple workers. I am an ordinance worker and Chris is a volunteer (because of his calling at church). One of the Best decisions we have made.  It's so awesome to be able to serve in the Lord's temple other then doing temple work.  It's such a great experience.  We go twice a month on two Saturdays.  So if you go on a second or fourth Saturday you most likely will see us!  Last Saturday we went down to Orlando and the whole time I served in the Baptistry.  It was awesome. So exciting.  I remember when I was in Young Women thinking the ladies that picked out your size for the temple clothing were so good and getting the right size.  MAN IT'S HARD! Seriously... I don't know how some can do it but I had a great trainer.  She and her husband have been temple workers since Orlando opened in 1994.  Crazy awesome.  I actually remember her husband working in the Baptistry when I would go as a youth.  Chris is enjoying it too!  We hardly see each other during the 5 or so hour shift but it's fun to talk about what we experienced on the drive home.  Speaking of drive home look at these sunset pictures from I-10.

These were a little late from the really awesome scene but still cool.

Well, as most probably know, Chris lost his job at Four Points back at the end of July.  The Lord is amazing because he helped prepare us for it.  I started my job about a week or two before he was let go and about a week before some random money from past insurance came in and it really helped.  However, just this past Monday Chris started a part time job back up at The Florida Bar.  It is such a blessing! Even though it's part time we will still be making about the same combined as when he had the full time job.  The Lord truly has blessed us.  He is still looking for full time work but this part time job will help him get things together to go back for his MBA in business administration.  Ultimately, that has been our plan for awhile now is for Chris to go back to school.  Things are rolling on.  

So to celebrate we went on a much needed long time coming date night.  We went to Red Elephant (a favorite of ours) and went to the Downtown Get Down.  Since I work downtown I get a key card for one of the parking garages so TOTALLY awesome parking for the event.  We saw Alyse Ladle!! Which is always a pleasure and got some Lucy and Leo's cupcakes.  When I was driving to pick up Chris from work yesterday I saw the Lucy and Leo truck and trailer coming into town and had been thinking about the whole time until we go some.  When got home and enjoyed them AND watched college Football.  All is right in the world now because football is back.

That's really it for now.  Chris is happy because he finally has Saturday mornings off to go play football and then he can come home and watch it all day.  School has started for me as I said and I'm pretty excited it's going to be a great semester.  


  1. I feel so bad I didn't know about Chris's job... I'll keep you guys in my prayers! Love you guys!

    1. Thank you Andrea!! Yeah... it was surprising but Chris wasn't too happy/comfortable there so he kinda had an idea something was coming. It just wasn't a good fit. He thinks they just didn't like his jokes. HAHA Thank you though for the prayers!

  2. You guys are perfect to be temple workers! The Lord will always bless you two because you guys are basically amazing!!

  3. congrats on having an awesome summer semester! graduation is so close! yay! that's so awesome you guys are working in the temple! i want to go on a day you're working!

  4. You guys are just awesome. We are planning on going to Orlando in November hopefully we will see you guys?

    Also Kendall you look like Demi Moore in Ghost I know I told you that already but I think you should really know how I feel.

  5. Yeah for the summer semester, Sorry about the job loss looking for a new job is not a fun process but something will come soon. You will love working in the temple. It will amaze you how you will have enough energy and time to do everything even though you are sacrificing your time to do this. You will touch more people around you than you think. It is a wonderful thing to work in the temple. Red Elephant is yummy.