Sunday, October 14, 2012

Camera Dump!

I haven't uploaded pictures from off my camera in awhile.  But they will help sort of illustrate what's been up.

WOW ummm HELLO Kendal this was like over a month ago.  It's crazy but since then two of the three lovely prego ladies in front have had their beautiful babies, with Tanya in the middle in the hospital going to have baby Nathaniel in three weeks.  PLUS Lovely Lindy second from the right announced earlier this week that she is expecting too!!

I was very proud of my next day Sunday FSU necklace to celebrate my fan-dom and excitement of FSU beating Clemson.  Well that excitement was CRUSHED last weekend with them losing to NC State but oh well... life shall go on.  But come on great looking outfit to still keep with Sunday best clothing. HAHA! Again... umm...HELLO long time ago.

This picture is to show what I really have been doing with my time.  Let's see, there is a laptop, library books, notebooks sprawled open, and they happen to be together.  That means paper writing.  Thankfully this past Thursday I have since finished this paper.  FYI this picture was taken over a week ago. 

Now we come to some more recent pictures.  This past Friday, Chris and I both took off from work and headed down to Orlando to attend the Temple.  We worked the Friday night shift which was wonderfully  awesome.  We started at 4:45p.m. and ended around 9:30p.m.  We got a hotel and so we traveled down a little early and checked in.  It was SOOOO nice leaving Friday night knowing that we were going back to a hotel and not all the way back to Tally.

We slept pretty well except for the 4 or so guys YELLING (Spanish might I add) outside our door for at least 30 minutes.  I prayed "please Heavenly Father have they go away so we can sleep."  They left thankfully.  I guess that's what we kinda get for having our room across from the vending and ice machines.  They were clearly drunk though.  We woke up at 6:30a.m. thinking breakfast at the hotel started then learning that it doesn't start until 7 on the weekends.  So we went back to the room and just chilled until then.  Went to breakfast and then went back to the room to get ready.  Got to the Temple at about 9:30a.m. and went and did some sealings for awhile.  Then headed down for the prayer meeting for Temple workers at 10:30a.m.  It was a BUSY BUSY day.  It was the first Saturday after General Conference so it makes sense but it was great seeing how full it was ALL day.  We even got to meet Elder Zwick of the 70 there inspecting the Temple.  He was awesome just radiated his love of the gospel in his face!

We took a few pictures before we went in, in the morning.  Yes, I did bring two totally different outfits.  
Chris has been sick all this past week.  Usually he is sick for like two days and then he's fine but he's been really sick.  Thankfully he was feeling a lot better this day.  So I like to think of this picture as his, "I'm sick but I'm still trying to look sexy."  Chris likes to pose for all his individual pictures.  I finally learned why (or I like to this this is the reason) his sister Carmen (who is really into modeling herself she modeled for awhile and actually just went for an interview for a modeling job recently) would play being a photographer and would take pictures of Chris when they were little and make him pose in trees and such.  Too funny! There is one picture I'll have to put up one time that is just awesome.  

This is my "I'm running for city council women" pose.  It makes me think of Leslie Knope 

After we were done at 5p.m. we went to Publix for dinner and headed home, listening to the FSU football game the whole way.  Thank goodness for radio.  Except going through Gainesville we lost it for awhile...figures...

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  1. yay for playing catch up! look at all those books! your last semester ain't no joke! keep up the good work! that's so awesome you guys took off and made a two trip of it! we need to do that! also i love the leslie knope reference! i'd vote for you! haha