Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Perfect Tree

Picking the right Christmas tree is always an important part of the whole season, at least that's what I think.  This year I had some new ideas of how I wanted our Christmas tree to look.  I had for years seen trees in buckets, mostly on, so my plan was to try and recreate these ideas.  We really wanted a small tree and one that wasn't "perfect and symmetrical."  So this is what we got and we love it!
One of our traditions that we have started as a family is to go to the Havana Christmas Tree Farm to cut down our own tree.  Plus, I'm a snob and think fake trees are a Christmas murder... but that's just me.  So we made our way out on December 8th to look for our tree. Here are some pictures of our tree finding adventure.  
We are set to find this tree; gloves, saw, go cart, and bucket to measure.

There she be!

Carrying her away.
Really scary spider we saw in another tree.  But a cool web!

Just how I wanted it to look.  We bought the bucket from Home Depot for $10 and the crate from Secondhand Sandie's... Chris did some nice haggling to get it for $2.99.  I decided to try making my own ornaments so I made these salt dough ornaments.  Unfortunately I used sewing thread to hang them and for some reason they all we soft so they're heavy and fall right off and the thread slices them at the hole.  Oh well... I'll know for next time.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

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