Sunday, December 2, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Trip

After Thanksgiving, literally, the day after, we headed down to Orlando.  We have been putting quite a few miles on our car and since we just drove down to Crystal River, Chris's mom allowed us to borrow her brand new car to take down to Orlando.  Such a blessing.  Plus it's exciting to be in a different car and it wasn't manual like ours.  We left around 8:30a.m. and had pretty decent traffic.  

Since it was a new car, it came with three months free of satellite radio.  Which was really exciting.  90's and old jamz.  

Rockin' out as usual

We arrived around noon and headed to the Temple first.  It was so nice to attend a session with one another.  We haven't been in a session in a few months since each time we've attended it's been to serve as Temple workers.  

After the Temple we headed over to Ikea to get some things for the home.  Afterwards we checked into our hotel.  We used Hotwire for the first time ever and got a great deal, another blessing.  Plus it had a free breakfast.  Once we checked in and changed we headed to the Premium Outlets.  FYI traffic was HORRIBLE.  The parking we already knew was going to be terrible so we had to park around a half mile or so away.  The black Friday deals weren't that great... we got a few things that we needed, mostly cloths for work.  

The next morning we got up had breakfast and headed to the Temple for our shift.  It was a slow day, they had to cancel two sessions.  Chris was in the baptistry the whole time, that was the busiest place in the whole Temple.  The last group to come to the baptistry was late by about 40 minutes.  So when I was finished Chris was still helping so I went to Publix to get our dinner and we left a little before 6p.m.

It was a great day... a little slow considering the holiday but we had a much needed get away.  Filled with lots of blessings.  Blessings have been flowing in too in our life.  I have been approved by Blue Cross Blue Shield for health insurance and Chris might have a potential full time job!  So grateful!  I know it's all because of Heavenly Father, He truly is looking out for us.


  1. I love IKEA! I seriously go a little crazy in there lol. That's super exciting about the health ins and Chris's possible job. Awesome news!

  2. Ikea is where is at! Isnt amazing how things just work out? I love that

    P.s-You guys are seriously super photogenic :)