Sunday, October 27, 2013


I finished the book I was telling you about in my last post.  It is a definite good read to all who wish to know more about President Thomas S. Monson.  My testimony of him as our prophet today has increased for sure.

This post is a little recap of all that has happened in the best few months.  Yes, we are starting all the way back to August.

August 1st: Chris's 30th Birthday Western/ Magnificent Seven birthday party,

Complete with yummy taco bar.

 August 3rd:  Attended my brother Parker's masters graduation
 and had quality Eliana and Ben time too.

 August 30th-31st: Mia Maid sleepover.  Complete with crazy make overs with tons of strange looks,
a trip to Wal-mart because Chris had to AC filters; after
of course a stop at Nuberri for Fro-yo.

September 5th-6th: Had new windows and sliding back door installed.  Definitely worth it!

 September 21st:  Cultured trip to Pebble Hill Plantation outside of Thomasville, GA.

 September 27th- 28th:  Went to the Temple on a Friday together and worked our normal 4th Saturday shift the next day.   

October:  Mini apple!

 Similar to August's mini green pepper!

October 4th:  Attended FSU Mens basketball madness.  Which was free and we got free t-shirts,

sat two rows behind their bench and was right in front of the dunk contest.

There's a little recap of the past few months for us.  We have been very blessed and have been on the go for awhile now.  November's calender is lookin' mighty fine with not a lot of things going on and we like that.  

Many people have asked how I'm doing and all I can say for now is I'm coping and moving along and trying to be optimistic for 2014.  Things are looking up and even though this has probably been the toughest year of our marriage with lots of ups and downs, I'm thinking 2014 might have some things in store.  Even though I want to laugh at that thought because I said the same thing this past January.  

If you've made it this far on the recap, congratulations!  I can't promise I'll be a better blogger but I'll keep it up as much as I can.  I'm also wanting to revamp the blog but have no idea how to do so.  Any help would be appreciated.  =)


  1. Yay! An update! You guys keep so busy all the time! I dont know how you do it!!

  2. Yay! You guys always have great adventures. Chris's party looks legit!! You did a great job! And I really want to see that plantation now! Gorgeous!!

  3. great update and you look presh! keep your head up and continued blessings to the two of you! it can only get better!!

  4. You are a truly amazing person!!! All things will work out for you and your family. I know it's not that helpful because I can't tell you how, but good things are in store I am sure!

    As far as the blog is concerned, I just find backgrounds at They have an HTML that you copy and then paste it into your "template" option on Blogger. Once you're viewing your template, you will "add gadget" and find the HTML option. Then just paste in what you copy from The Cutest Blog on the Block and that's what you'll see! I'm sure there's cooler things too, but my knowledge is with the simple basics :)

    Good luck!