Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dessert and Sewing!

Chris and I don't go out very often.  I really don't know why but I think it's because by the time the end of the week comes, on Friday we just want to chill at home.  Now you say... ummm... well what about Saturdays.  Well, Saturdays from the end of August to December are dedicated to college football.  So, therefore, no date night than either.  (FYI in terms of watching football it goes both ways, we both love our football.)

On Friday, November 15th we decided we needed to do a little something.  It was sorta a celebration.  Chris just recently was promoted at The Florida Bar.  He is a program coordinator for the center of professionalism and he's loving it!  This promotion and new job is a wonderful and huge blessing that we have been praying and fasting for pretty much this entire year.  We feel so blessed!  Chris is doing something along the lines of hospitality and really enjoying it.

Anyway, back to November 15th.  So November 12th was his first day of work and as a little celebration I told him I was going to surprise him with a yummy dessert date.  We arrived home after work and had homemade pizza and then headed out.  I took him to Food Glorious Food.  After going there on a girl's night out for dessert I had been thinking about the hummingbird cake ever since then.  Chris was surprised and really liked it and his first time going to FGF.  I wanted to choose somewhere that wasn't froyo, because, let's be real, we're always going for froyo so it was between going to FGF and Cypress.  Since Chris had never been to FGF I decided on that, plus they have WAY more options.

It was a fabulous night and it was nice to get out with one another.  It is important to still date each other even once you're married.  It's just tough when your couch and pjs look so comfy!

 Chris had red velvet cake, one of his favorites.
 I HAD to have the hummingbird cake again.  It was just a delicious as the first time.

The day following this date, Saturday, was pretty much one of the best Saturdays ever.  We did nothing.  Well, Chris did a ton of laundry for us and I started on this sewing project.

Our good friend Andrea (Candrian) Reeve is having a baby girl any day now.  I made a baby blanket, three burp cloths and a bib.  I LOVE the bird fabric for the blanket.  The package went out over a week ago so hopefully she got it, so this post won't be a spoiler.  They're not the greatest looking things, I really tried.  I was proud of myself because I free hand drew the three birds embroidery.  I really hope she likes them, like I said, not the best looking but I think the fabric is cute at least. 


  1. First of all, I can't get FGF out of my head either. Soooo delicious.

    Second of all-you sewing skills are crazy!!! That set looks so amazing! I love the happy fabric you choose for the bib and burp clothes. And the blankets looks so perfect. The ebriodered birds are my favorite. I'm so impressed!!

  2. Girl seriously impressed with your sewing skills and you fabric pattern selection it looks awesome! and the birds detail adorable :)
    Date night is always a must and I never heard of the FGF so we might try it out next time we go (for us is once month womp womp)

  3. Oh my goodness! Your sewing projects look so great! I'm jealous of your skills!

  4. i love love love the stitching on that blanket! kendal, you are getting quite the knack for these cute little blankets!

  5. Kendal! your sewing projects look great! They turned out adorable & that is such a sweet gift!!!

  6. Oh my goodness... I hope you already got my card expressing my drooling over your sewing skills... but to reiterate again... YOU ARE AMAZING! I LOOOOOVE the birds and everything else you made. I wish I lived closer so you could teach me your mad sewing skills! I can't thank you enough for being so thoughtful and generous! It means the world to me! I love you guys!