Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love you animals but your diversity is killing me...

This week I have to get through two mid terms... both for the same class. See, I'm in an animal diversity class. I love it and learning a whole lot of new things. It's a lab to Bio. II and it's only two credit hours. However, I have a lecture that I go to twice a week (75 minutes) and a lab every Wednesday from 9:05a.m.-11:50 a.m. The studying outside of class pretty much has to be everyday. Anyway, I have a mid term in the lecture (which was today and was all essay and short answer) and a mid term in the lab part on Thursday.

                                         { One of two text books }

                                         { Book Two }
 ** sorry that the pictures are backwards... they are taken by photobooth. **

I'm just waiting for Friday when I get a "personal holiday" from work... that's what the Bar calls it. (FYI I work at The Florida Bar... please don't ask me legal questions). I like to call the personal holiday a mental health day. Chris will work in the morning and then we are off to the greatest place on earth... The Temple!

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