Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Day as a Nerd

On October 29th, my work had a Fall Luncheon where we were aloud to dress up for halloween.  We they had lunch provided for us and different contests.  I entered the pumpkin carving contest, knowing that I won't win but I really wanted a free pumpkin out of it.  I dressed up as a nerd and I thought I was a pretty cute nerd.

In this particular picture I was trying to recreate the first day of school picture most kids had growing up.
I thought I should turn so you could see my backpack.  It was part of the whole look.
All in all it was a great day.  I didn't win the pumpkin contest or the costume contest for most funny but it was fun dressing up for the day.  I was waiting for Chris to pick me up from work and I decided to snap this picture while waiting.
                                    Happy Halloween Everyone!!


  1. wait that's a costume? i thought that's how normal people dress?

    i like the pumpkin!

  2. HAHA I will admit it was nice to wear pants that were a little bit big. haha. Thanks about the pumpkin!

  3. Wow! Your guys's blogs look so good! I'm still new at it but how did you replace the title with pictures and stuff? And for some reason the image uploader isn't working for me to put up prego pictures...? Any advice? Oh and By the Way... Great Costume!!!!

  4. But how do you get it be centered? See how mine is all pushed to the left side.... :(

  5. welcome to the blogging world! It's addicting!

  6. Gotta say I LOVE your blog title! You guys are so cute and you make an adorable nerd!