Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Hargrett Christmas

This year was Chris and I's second Christmas as a married couple.  I think we topped last year for sure!  Here are some pictures to show how awesome it was.
First off, best Christmas Eve EVER!  Chris was suppose to work but they let him off.  So we started the morning just relaxing and watching TV.  Then Chris had to take our nephew to work, so while he was gone and went for a wonderful run.  The weather was great and I was able to wear shorts and a t-shirt.  Pretty much everyone that I past was so kind and said hello.  
Now, on to this picture.  We first went over to Chris's grandfather's house and saw some of his relatives and said hello.  Then we were off to Oliver Garden for their soup, salad, and breadsticks lunch.  SOOO good and I was expecting there to be a lot of people but NO it was practically empty.  We then went home after with very full bellies and hung out for a little while and then headed over to Nichole's house (Chris's oldest sister's house) and watch movies with family until 12:30a.m.
Christmas morning!! The postal service boxes are from family =)
My gift to Chris.  He was very excited for them.  I got an AMAZING deal on them thanks to Mr. Brett Rudder the awesome bargen hunter.
Chris's gifts to me.  A Kindle and Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts.  I'm excited for my new Kindle I bought the complete collection of Jane Austin books for $0.99 on Amazon.  Seriously awesome!
All in all a great morning.  After Christmas together we headed over to Nichole's again and had breakfast with everyone.  Then we went to the church and Chris and some of his family and friends from church played basketball until about 2p.m. Then we got home and just relaxed and got ready to go back over to Nichole's for dinner and movies.  Awesome day!
In Chris's family we do a little secret santa thing and I got our niece Eden who is two.  I made her this tutu and wand.  She also needed a new winter coat and so we got her one too.  On Christmas morning over at Nichole's Chris and I got there first and then Carmen and Eden came later and this is what Eden came in looking like...
Too Cute!!


  1. your christmas sounds amazing! so relaxing, as it should be!

    a kindle for kendal! nice! i'm glad chris liked his clubs!