Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Thanksgiving.

Hello once again blogging world.  It has been quite some time since I have posted a blog worthy post.  School is finished for the semester and it feels great.  This post is about my wonderful Thanksgiving I spent in Michigan with my best friend MacKenzie and her family.

I arrived to Detroit on Tuesday evening.  MacKenzie and I corrordinated to get in at the same time however, her plane was delayed due to the huge snow storm that hit Salt Lake City.  MacKenzie's dad picked me up at 11:30p.m. and MacKenzie's plane didn't get in until 2a.m.  Thankfully there were two girls that she knows from Church in Michigan that also came on the same plane and their dad picked the three of them up.

 So the next day, Wednesday, we ran a few errands.  As we were out MacKenzie's mom called and said that as she and MacKenzie's dad were walking they pasted the Franklin Cider Mill and they were giving away free pumpkins.  She asked us to stop by there and pick up some to act as our place cards for Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few pictures of our adventure!

I grew up about 3 miles away from this place.  It's amazing and has the best doughnuts and cider!

Of course we had to pick up some cider and doughnuts while we were there.

Before I continue I must explain the Mayo Family Thanksgiving.  Every year for 12 years now the Mayo family has a huge Thanksgiving with usually an average of 35 people.  There are families from Church that come every year and family relatives.  This was my third year and it's so much fun!  
Here are all our pumpkins we picked up.  We got 40 large ones and about 10 small ones as well. 
A sea of steams 

Wednesday night we started to prepare the food.  OH FYI the Mayos don't cook everything.  They usually provide the turkey and some sides.  The people who attend bring sides and the pies.  On Thanksgiving morning I went for a 6 mile run and it was awesome because I ran up to my old middle and elementary school and then in my old neighborhood and ran by my old house. It was a really nice run.  We then started to cook and set the tables. Here are some pictures of the amazing tables.

Here is the adult table.  MacKenzie and I are still considered kids so we sat at the children's table.
Here's the children's table
 This was my place!  See my name 
All in all it was a great evening!

Friday was a a day for relaxation and studying (we both had to prepare for tests that were coming up).  That night I also had the chance to go see my brother Chandler and his family that live about 30 minutes away.  I drove up there and when I got inside the door Jonathan and Brittney ran down the stairs and where saying "Aunt Kendal Aunt Kendal" I couldn't believe they remembered me! I had not seen them in about two years.  Devon was huge! I hadn't seen him since our wedding and he was only about 5 months then. I unfortunately didn't get a chance to get any pictures but it was a lovely evening with them. 

Saturday was a great day as well.  We woke up and studying for a little bit and then headed off to the Christmas tree farm to pick up the Mayo's tree.  The Mayo's have a tradition in which they go to this Christmas tree farm and cut down their own tree and then after go for Mexican food. Here are a few pictures for the events of all events!
We're on our way.  MacKenzie and her brother Cameron being silly

You get on a tractor hay ride and they take you to what ever kind of tree you want

We found a bird nest too!


The next day was of course Sunday and we went to church and I saw some old friends and it was way fun.  It was weird to go to sunday school though.  I haven't been in so long since I am in Primary but I did get to go to Young Women! MacKenzie's mom is the Young Women's President so MacKenzie and I went and helped out there.  I was so exciting to be back there again.
 The Detroit Temple is right across the parking lot from the Church building.  This Temple is close to my heart because when I was in Primary the Temple was being built and we were asked to bring in our little pennies and coins to help with the construction of the Temple.  In the corner stone is a picture of our Primary.  I'm excited for the day the corner stone is open because I'll be right there! Sunday evening MacKenzie and I left for home.  The visit was wonderful and I enjoyed it very much.  I was so happy to see my best friend who I haven't seen since Chris and I's wedding.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  I still have so much to blog about but that's for later. 


  1. wow- this was a fun trip for you and I love the pumpkin on the table idea. May use that. This family does it right- also the tree farm.

  2. sounds like you had lots of fun! a very well deserved break for you! and i can't believe they have that many people over and they still have space for everyone to sit at a table! crazy! very adorable table settings!