Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hargrett Home Decor

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope your holiday season is going well thus far.  I wanted to post about our wonderfully decorated home. This year we are staying in Tallahassee and I'm so happy because I was not looking forward to traveling.  I decorated last Christmas but one we didn't have a tree and two I didn't go to all out because we weren't really going to be around to enjoy it all.  So enjoy!

Book Case Decor. When we got our Christmas tree they were giving away free pine tree scraps.  I got this idea of the "little trees" in the jars from
Front angle
I got really into the pine scraps natural look this year.
This disco tree cone made a come back this year.
We had quite a few ornaments left from the tree so I put them in this bowl for a table center piece.
Bedroom decor.  Since everyone who comes to our house goes through our bedroom first (parking in the back of our place) I thought a little bedroom decor was in order.

The picture and little ornaments in the tall vase made a come back from last year as well.
Little Nativity figure on the bedside table... oh look there's my mom! Hi Mom!!
And of course our Christmas Tree! I did miss a few other things like a wreath and our Christmas card garland as I like to call but I hope you enjoyed.  Stay tuned for some latest crafting I have been doing.


  1. Kendal, I love the idea with the scraps from the tree. That's so cute
    I love decorating for christmas and i start like super early lol, cause it comes and goes sooo fast!
    Glad your getting to enjoy your decorations this year

  2. This will be fun to look back on when you've been married for a long time :)

  3. It all looks soo good :) I love all of the pine clippings. Too cute! That Martha Stewart and her army of creative geniuses.

  4. Love the tree jars. super cute. Look at you. Decorating and all. I still remember when we would run around the gym in our skirts after church on sunday.