Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jazz, Nazism, and Judaism

Now, I know you're probably like... "What the heck do these have in common?" Well, we do know that Nazism and Jews have a not so good relationship.  But I'm just expressing what I will be up to the next few weeks and that is researching a paper for my Holocaust class.  All while listening to my new favorite kind of music on Pandora, Jazz.  I have always been fond of Jazz but thanks to Pandora I am REALLY getting into it.  So much so that I'm taking a history of jazz course in the Spring, which as my good friend Sara Brown as said this course will really help me understand my new minor of African-American studies.  I'm stoked!

Yeah... coming out of Strozier with a bunch of Nazi books, I thought people might judge or question me.

Jazz Essentials 

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  1. After reading the Book Thief, I checked out Mein Kampf from our local library (Hitler's book). I got a pretty wierd look from the librarian. I also never finished it. It was an interesting read, but super long and really angry.