Monday, November 28, 2011


The First Thanksgiving In Our New Home!

Thanksgiving Table all set and ready to go!  We had about 12 people in total.  The chairs changed up from this picture but over all this was the table.  

My little "Give Thanks" banner 

I made 16 linen napkins and napkin felt rings.

Little autumn wreath.  I got the fake raven at Jo Anns for like $2 and when I took Chris us to the wreath to show him it he jumped and then said the bird had to go.  HAHA

Chris's sister Carmen took this picture of us.  We sat at the head of the table and Chris was giving his little welcome speech and then the prayer.

Sorry that there aren't very many pictures.  All I can say is it was wonderful and that there was TONS of food.  So much.  I made apple crisp, peach cobbler, whole wheat dinner rolls, green beans, and Chris made homemade mash potatoes.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves and it was great to be with family. 


  1. your first thanksgiving at your house! so awesome! your little crafty touches were perfect!

  2. Your new home looks darling... and the Thanksgiving/fall decor is perfect. Hope you guys had fun!

  3. I love the burlap! And you did such a good job with the banner. Your house is so pretty!