Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Best Three Years

This past Tuesday we celebrated our three year anniversary! I can't believe it.  Three years already.  One of our favorite songs by far is called Anniversary by Tony Toni Tone, check it out.  Anyway, back on track now...

The day was like any other.  Chris dropped me off at school in the morning.  My last class gets out at 1:50p.m. but I had some stuff to do in the library so I told Chris to just pick me up after he got off work... AT 4PM!  Yes he got off one hour early.  So awesome!  We headed home and I allowed him to open gift one of four.

We had about two and a half hours to kill before our dinner reservation so I thought we could watch the movies.  After he opened the first one he pretty much guessed the other three so I just let him open them all.  They are four volumes that go to the full first season of the latest Avengers cartoon series.  Chris first saw this season on netflix and loved it and talked about it a lot so I had to get it.  He loves them!

I thought I did pretty well on gift choice this year.  Again my gift was the kitchen aide so no gift for me but he played the whole dinner himself so that was gift enough.

Yes, my husband is a cartoon watching 28 year old. But I love him dearly.

Chris made a 7 p.m. dinner reservation at Cypress. It was wonderful.  We got all dressed up and since he told them it was our anniversary they put little star confetti on the table it was so nice.

The food was delicious.  Think southern style cuisine.  One of their main dishes was shrimp and grits!  

Dessert was amazing.  I got the dessert special which was strawberry and blueberry shortcake and Chris got a banana cake with macadamia nut ice cream.  Yummy!

Over all the night was awesome.  We returned home and just relaxed and watched a movie.  Way chill.  

I'm Going to brag a bit and say I have the best husband ever.  He is so kind and supportive.  Always willing to help and serve me and he treats me so well.  One of my favorite things he still does is open my car door for me... he is such a gentleman.  I love you Chris.  Life is so wonderful with you and I can't wait for an eternity more of time with you.


  1. Congrats on three years! You and Chris are the best couple around town! You're both are so good to each other!

  2. Congrats!! 3 years already?! Also, I love the co-ordinating anniversary outfits. So cute!