Sunday, May 20, 2012

Second Week of Freedom

My second week off from school wasn't too eventful.  On Monday we went to see The Avengers.  We have been looking forward to seeing this movie and it did not disappoint.

Yes, we are nerds and where I comic book shirts.

This is Chris's Excited Face.

In way of my garden, SO MUCH has happened.  I constructed the second frame and planted some more.  I felt so handy making the frames I got to use a drill and everything.  Plus I did it all by my self instead of having Chris do it, so I feel pretty accomplished.

This is the first garden and lots is growing!! You can't really see everything but it's there.

This is the second garden and I planted a week and three days ago and all this has grown.


Oregano (sorry you can't see the stick very well)

Tomatoes and Lettuce.  I had to move them from where the herbs were located because when we had some much rain the beginning of this week they needed better sunlight. I'm just not sure what I'm going to do when the tomatoes get bigger because that's a pretty small planter.  We'll see when I get there.

All in All I'm a...

On the Friday of the second week of freedom we drove down to Naples to visit with family.  On Saturday, we attended my brother in law's graduation from law school.  It was so exciting and I just can't believe three years have gone by already!

 Later that evening we had dinner at a restaurant called The Capital Grille with Brian's parents and my sister, dad, and step mom.  Pretty fancy but very good!

Sunday, we attended church up in Cape Coral for my new baby nephew's baby blessing.  He's so cute and already getting so big.  We just stayed for sacrament meeting and then returned back to my brother and sister in law's home and had the most amazing salad bar.

So the two weeks were bliss but alas they have come to a close and I started school once again. Sad Day.


  1. Your garden is AMAZING! I need a post sharing all of your gardening tips!! I need to start a garden but have no idea where to start!

  2. I love your Avengers enthusiasm! We really liked the movie, too. Also, someday when I have a house and decide to start gardening, I will definitely come to you for advice!

  3. You guys are too cute!! Congrats on 3 years! It seems like yesterday! Good luck on all your garden goods!!