Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good Southern Thanksgiving

We had a pretty awesome Thanksgiving this year.  Chris and I traveled down to Crystal River to his Grandmother's home.  It was so much fun.  This year I didn't get to run in the Turkey Trot but I still went for a 4.6 mile run to get ready for the massive eating.  We left the house around 8:30a.m. with Carmen and Eden (sister-in-law and niece) and got to CR around 11a.m.  We helped around with the dinner and set up for a little bit.  There was an expected 30 plus people coming so thankfully not all the meal was done by Grandma Copeland.  It was an awesome pot luck and OH MY GOSH the best banana pudding ever too!  Grandma Copeland's house is awesome, she has a dinning room PLUS a whole room they call the gathering room, special for big family events.

This is the gathering room.  Those plates are so cute! I wish I asked where they were from.  I think Macy's... maybe...

Beginnings of the food... not everything is out yet.

Dinning room.  The foil covered pan at the bottom is the banana pudding

The Line up

 I know you can't really read it but it says "Thanksgiving Dinner at the Copeland's" with the theme of the day and scripture.

We ate around 3:30p.m. and before Grandma gave a welcome, mom (Chris's Mom) gave the family scripture and theme for the day, and Nicole (Sister in law) led everyone in a song.  The eating then commenced.  Everything was great... especially the stuffing or as everyone else said there dressing.  One thing I have learned is Southern Thanksgivings are way different from the North.  But also, white people Thanksgivings are different from black people.  I know that sounds racist but it's so true.  I told Chris how since moving and living in the south Thanksgiving has been different.  We actually saw pictures of other people's dinner on facebook (white people FYI) and Chris was like "oh yeah... there dinner is different."  HAHA.  But no matter what everything is so good.

We were done eating and some how left by 5-5:30p.m. and I even stayed up the whole drive to keep Chris awake, which is a miracle in and of it's self.  We wanted to get home at a reasonable time because the next morning we were headed off to Orlando... another post to come. =)

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  1. Glad you guys had a fun Thanksgiving! One thing I miss about southern food is the banana pudding! No such dessert in site on the west coast! Enjoy a bite (or ten) for me!