Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Kendal

1. I am a germaphob.  I wash my hands a lot and use hand sanitizer at work like it's my job.  When I was younger I would wash my hands so much that the skin would crack and bleed.  My dad would put ointment on my hands and then cover them with socks during the night so they would heal better.  Not only do I wash my hands a lot I clean surfaces and objects and so forth like crazy.  I'm so thankful that Chris is understanding of it.

2. It takes me awhile to finish books... my excuse... I read like 3 or more at once.  It's surprising I can remember sometimes what is happening in each one I'm reading. 

3. I LOVE RAINY SUNDAYS!! Seriously, they are the best.  I'm not sure why but ever since I can remember I have loved rainy Sundays.  Basically, I love cloudy weather.  Living in Florida is annoying sometimes for me because I hate to much sunshine.  I think it's because growing up in Michigan the weather throughout the winter was always cloudy.

4. When I color I like to hum. 

5. I have always wished that life was like a musical.

6. I'm a daddy's girl.  It's funny because when my mom was still alive I was a huge mommy's girl and not the biggest fan of my dad all the time.  But when my mom died gears switched and my dad and I are tight.  

7. I love going to the beach and catching some good rays and then coming home and it rains.

8. Chris and I didn't go on our first official date until after we decided we would got steady.  It was to Los Compadres and was awesome. 

9. My favorite movie when I was younger was The Three Amigos.

10. I cried when I turned 16... I didn't want to grow up.  


  1. I love rainy sundays too! Prolly cuz naps are sooo good when it's raining! Also, I LOVE this pic of you at the end here! Smokin!

  2. i love that you said goin steady. so cute.

    i learned so many things about you!

  3. I love new facts about Kendal. And, I must agree, rainy Sunday afternoons are the very best. For realsies.

  4. I read alot of books at one time too!! But I really dislike rainy Sundays.... only because Michael and I are driving around so much on Sundays! But Bring on the rain any other day!! And I Love the pics you chose!!

  5. I love all these random facts. My favorite though, I think are #4. How often do you color?! That's what I wanna know! And #8: I love that you didn't go on a "date" until after you were officially "dating." Ha ha leave it to Chris Hargrett! :) I miss you two!