Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Love of my Life

In honor of Valentine's Day and just because I want to I am going to tell you about my amazing husband and best friend Christopher.

I first meet Chris at a fifth ward (Tallahassee's Student/Singles Ward) Family Home Evening.  I remember since it was the first FHE close to school starting we were doing little introductions of ourselves and Chris mentioned that he was attending Tallahassee Community College.  I was so happy to hear I wasn't the only one going there.  I thought everyone was going to Florida State but it was nice to know someone else went to the community college.  Time went by and we didn't talk to much but I remember once we were in a group and he took my phone and then proceeded to put his number in it.
Chris was also the first guy in 5th Ward to dance with me at a dance.  It was the first dance of the semester so I didn't really know anyone and I was sitting with some friends and of course a slow song comes on and the other two girls were asked and so I didn't want to sit on the couch by myself so I got up to walk somewhere else and Chris grabbed me and asked me to dance.

Another memory I had was Chris  tired to set me up with another guy.  The Fall Ball was coming up and Chris tried to set me up with this guy by telling him about me and telling him to just call me and ask me to the dance.  Chris wasn't going to go because 1. he didn't like going to dances and 2. His good friend was being sealed in the Temple that day.  So the guy never called me and I was texting Chris (which my plan didn't have texting but I still did) and told him that the guy never called me and he said "well if I were there I would take you." Very kind of him to say.

This is the first picture of Chris that made me attracted to him... HAHA I know I know.  He was playing volley pong with his friends and Kim Brock was taking pictures of them doing funny poses.  Chris thought that going shirtless was the way to go.  Crazy boy.

Let's see other memories... Chris and I kissed before our first date.  We didn't tell anyone we were dating for about a month and a half (except our close friends).  We had nights of talking on the phone late into the night.  He said "I love you" to me on January 3, 2008 at Dorthy B. Oven (this little park with Christmas Lights).  He proposed to me in October 2008 at Fun Station while playing Mini Golf.  He put the ring in the hole.  We then proceeded to not tell anyone we were engaged for about two months, we were ironing out the date and such.  My favorite memory will be that on our sealing day we kissed across the alter and he asked the sealer if he could have another kiss from me.  =)

Chris has an awesome personality.  He is so caring and loving and is just an amazing people person.  He supports me in everything and is always willing to help me out.  He never raises his voice toward me when angry even if I am toward him.  Chris always tells me I'm beautiful even though I never believe it. He says I love you all the time.  Chris always opens my car door and will carry my backpack.  We just click so well and he is always there for me.  I love Chris with all my heart and I feel so blessed everyday to know that he is my eternal companion.  Happy Valentine's Day Chris!


  1. Beautiful. I love that he still does all the little things, those are so important! And you ARE a knock out girl so you may as well just start believing it when he tells you. I didn't know you guys were so private about your relationship, that's kinda neat to me, it was like your own special little secret. :0)

    Also, YOWZA! Didn't know Chris was rockin the 12 pack under his shirt and tie! You done good girl! ;0)

  2. This is so sweet. I usually don't like the "I Love My Significant Other" posts. They read to me like Blah, Blah, Blah. But I really enjoyed reading yours. You put in fun, cute stories.

  3. Thanks everyone!! Chris is pretty much a cool guy all around... I will say though he doesn't have that pack of abs as well anymore and he always fells bad but I tell him oh well it doesn't matter you're still smokin'! haha

  4. I also loved this post and I really enjoyed reading about you and Chris' special relationship. Ever since I met Chris I always knew he was an extra awesome person, and I am so happy to know he is so blissfully married to someone who is equally as wonderful. You deserve each other! :) And I agree with Jenn-- you made y'alls story really fun to read:)

  5. I remember when Chris first told me he was dating you. And I remember the first time Chris told me he was dating SOMEONE but wouldn't tell me it was you. I was really glad when he decided to go public with it. You two are darling! :)