Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two people

For the question of who is someone who have known the longest amount of time I decided to choose two people... my dad and my sister Ashley.

My dad is awesome! He raised four kids after my mom died and we all turned out alright.  HAHA. He is fun and is always good for some advice.  I learned so much for him both motherly and fatherly things. My favorite dad story was a few days after my mom died I wanted to wear my hair in pigtails for school so he  tried to put my hair up but... let's just say one was high and the other too low.  He then said... what do you think about cutting your hair short?

Ashley may be five years older then me but we have always been close.  We always have fun together and she is another good one to get some advice from too.  When I was younger I always called her Ishie... I have no idea where I got it from.  Ever since I graduated from high school we have only gotten closer.  She is pretty much awesome!

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