Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5: Favorite Memory

I decided to skip day 4 which was a picture of my night... last night I played basketball and it was awesome! But no picture and there is not much to talk about with that.  Soooo on to favorite memory.

In high school I played softball from from sophomore to senior year. This is a picture from my senior year at our banquet.  The three girls in the front had already graduated but came back because this team was amazing.  I have never felt so close to so many amazing girls.  We were just like sisters and helped and support each other.  Even though I am not in contact with them that much any more I know that if we all got together again it would be like old times!

This picture below is of me and my friend Casey.  This was... I think junior year but oh man we had some crazy times.  In downtown Naples to the pier to just crazy nights at her house.  Some of the times of me laughing so much and crying as a result was with this girl.  She's awesome!

I have so many more memories, especially with my best friend MacKenzie but there are just too many to pin down but here is a picture of MacKenzie and I at my wedding =)


  1. I like this little series you're doing--very cute. Also, I like the high school pics--rockin' it old school. Very nice :)