Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crafting blogs are deadly...

Okay... so crafting blogs aren't REALLY deadly but they sometimes sure make me feel crappy.  I look at these AMAZING projects these women do or their beautiful homes and think to myself... "wow... I am a loser and have no talents and/or skills."  Or I think "Wow... I'm the worst wife ever for not making these amazing dinners or making my home look all cute and cozy."  However, I have to keep remembering that I don't have the time and more importantly the MONEY to do these things.  I mean they are usually all DIY projects but when you're on a tight budget DIY can be just as expensive as going out and just buying the item. 

Oh well... I'll still look at all these blogs everyday (because I need something to do while I'm not busy at work).  I'm so blessed to have the things that I do have.  I'm blessed to have a roof over my head and bed to sleep on.  I'm blessed to know if I ever want to do a specific craft or project that I can plan ahead and save the money and at the same time have a husband who is willing to let me do it.  One day I'll have time to craft all the time... but probably not. =)

This is the latest blog I found yesterday... I LOVE their home and all her awesome ideas:

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