Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vegetarian... me?

Lately I have been debating about vegetarianism.  Never did I EVER think I would be a vegetarian.  Which I am not currently.  I just have noticed that I have been eating meat more sparingly then usual.  For example, when we go out to eat I usually try and find something without meat; pizza with just cheese and veggies, humus pita at Pitaria, grilled veggie pita at Monk's (now called Wells Brothers FYI).  I guess it's just been coming on gradually.  I'm thinking it has to do with me being calorie/ fat conscience.  I don't think I could ever go full blown vegetarian... don't get me wrong I LOVE ME a good burger once in awhile.  However, I seem to be lovin' the veggies and fruit lately... OH and anything "bread" like. =) Anyway... thoughts?


  1. I actually started doing a meat cleanse kind of thing myself, after some personal study of the WOW it just seemed to me that most LDS people, including myself, just kind of glaze over that part that says we should eat meat in Winter and in times of famine.... So obviously what we SHOULD be eating is fruits vegetables and grains instead. I started by cutting out beef and finding a few easy "meat free meals". I thought so far it's been pretty easy and would cut out pork next! I don't ever plan to be a vegetarian but I honk by eating less meat, we're following a commandment, being better stewards of the Earth and of our bodies!

  2. Thanks Kaitlyn for the comment! That actually makes me think more about my eating habbits. I alwasys remember the part in the word of wisdom about eating meat sparingly but I totally forgot about the winter and in times of famine. Which makes sense because some fruits and veggies during winter months shouldn't technically be in the store and so forth. I think that makes sense what I just said. HAHA