Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Lesson on Humility

Right now my life is consisting of school, work, church, and triathlon training.  Let me give you a glimpse into my everyday routine (FYI it changes depending on the day). 

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I wake up around 6:30a.m. have breakfast and read with Chris.  Then I put my bike on the car rack at about 7:30a.m. (maybe a little after) and I'm off to FSU Campus for a hour bike ride with a short run after.  Depending on how I'm feeling, I'll swim for 15-20 minutes and before the swim usually a little weight lifting.  I get home 10-10:30a.m.  Take a shower, get ready for work, have lunch, and get Chris to work by noon.  Then I'm off to work from 1-5:30p.m. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays I set the alarm for 4:50a.m. but don't usually get up until 5:30a.m.  Eat breakfast and read with Chris and then HOPEFULLY get Chris to work a little before 7a.m.  Then I'm off the FSU where I take a run (distance depending on what time I get there) and a 20 minute swim.  Then it's off to class from 9a.m. to noon (FYI that is ALL one class)  Then I head over to Chris' work where I pick him up and we drive to my work where he drops me off and then comes and gets me at 5:30. 

Not toooo bad of a schedule but I know this might sound bad but having Chris at home in the mornings is weird.  Since he doesn't have school anymore and all he does is work part time (which I am very grateful that he has a job) some days it's REALLY hard to get up and be motivated to go work out for about two hours. 

About two weeks ago it was a Wednesday and it was one of the first times that Chris didn't have to go into work until noon.  Right after he graduated for a few weeks he was kinda working full time and then they said that he didn't need to come in that early anymore.  So it was good for me because I would drop him off early and head right over to FSU.  Well, now that he's home it's hard to go.  I mean snuggling more and being lazy or one hour of riding your bike in traffic up and down hills... which would you prefer? 

So one morning I was just having one of those days.  I started to get frustrated with Chris because he was kinda trying to get me to stay and I was saying "I just don't feel like going but I know I need too" and then I straight out said that he was frustrating me and I just couldn't get my training done with him sitting at home.  I can't remember exactly what I said but all I know is that I totally said he was frustrating me.  I soon realized how stupid I was being and I apologized.  I left to go up to FSU.

I started off on my bike ride and I was making my way up Murphree Street (next to the Education building) and I had to turn right onto Academic.  Just so you know, this is not the most pleasing hill.  I was up off the bike seat peddling and then.... crash!!!!  I lost my footing on my right foot and down I went.  I fell on my right side with the bike on top of me, my shirt caught on the handle bars, and leg pinned.  I got up to view the damage.  The bike chain came off and the handle bars were twisted (thankfully not bent).  My legs were a little cut up and I knew that bruises were to come later.  Well, I tried myself to put the chain back on but no success so I started to walk the quarter mile (give or take) back to the Leach parking lot where the car was.  I got back to the car called Chris (he didn't pick up) and left him a message saying "I fell off my bike, I'm okay but the chain came off and the handle bars are twisted.  I'm going to go run for awhile now." 

I couldn't just not do anything so I then proceeded to run.  Since I usually would bike for about a hour I knew that meant I had to run for a hour which means I had to go run 8 miles.  I don't mind running, I actually like it but this was my biking day not running day.  As I started to run I thought to myself... "WOW Heavenly Father is definitely teaching me humility right now."  I was SOO selfish that morning and other times with this whole training thing and not appreciating Chris and his CONSTANT support in my endeavors.  So in a way the Lord humbled me when I feel off my bike and then had to go run.  It made me realize how much at times I take Chris for granted.  He is so good to me and always supports me and loves me.  How could I be so selfish that morning and just get frustrated with him when all he was doing was just loving me.  Well, I truly learned that I needed to be more humble and kind.  It's amazing how the Lord works.  Even though I know it was my fault really for falling off my bike it was still the prompting of the Spirit that let me know that my actions and words that morning were not so good.

I love Chris with all my heart.  I love all the things he does for me.  For example, he still opens the car door for me and any door at that.  He will make dinner and wash the dishes if I am doing school work.  When I fall asleep out in the living room while watching TV he will pick me up and carry me to the bed because he knows I hate that LOOONNNGGG (which it really is only like 20 feet MAX) walk to the bed room. He's pretty much amazing... enough said!



  1. Oh no! I'm sad about your bike crash :( I'm glad you were able to take it as a lesson though. And I'm super impressed with your workout schedule! You go girl!

  2. you are hardcore. i can't imagine running after taking a spill! i would have been pitiful and vowed to never get on a bike again (like that one time i almost caused a three bike accident). way to see the lesson to be learned! you're awesome.