Sunday, November 18, 2012

Veteran's Day

This past Monday was totally awesome.  We took the whole day we just did whatever we wanted and chilled.  In the morning we went for breakfast to Canopy Road Cafe.  We have been meaning to go there for awhile and finally made the trip.  It was so great! We both love breakfast and this place is a great place to go for it.  We sat in the back of the restaurant in a separate room that only had three tables so it was as if we had the place all to ourselves.  Another couple came in a little later but I was able to get a picture of us together with the camera timer and not feel silly.
In this back room they had a cool painting on the walls too.

Chris got french toast, eggs, and bacon.

I had multi grain pancakes with strawberries, bananas, and walnuts on top and then a side of fruit.  SO YUMMY! Also, I tried some sugar free syrup that was surprisingly really good.

The restaurant is located off Monroe next to the old abandoned Albertsons.  
There's also one in Killearn 

After breakfast we went to Target and the mall and I brought a notebook and we just went around making Christmas lists.  We just needed something to do where we didn't have to spend money but still get out of the house.  It was pretty fun!  It's way easier directly showing Chris things I wouldn't mind instead of trying to describe it.

Before entering Macy's they had this cute write a letter to Santa station.  

We got home and I was suppose to get some school stuff done and Chris was to study for the GMAT however... let's just say Parks and Recreation and a nap happened and it got to be like 3:30.  We tried afterwards to get some studying in but not for very long.  But we did go and get some Nuberri! 

Overall, a pretty awesome day.  We hardly get days where we just do whatever and take like a two hour nap, haha!  The Saturday before was busy so it was nice to just take the day and do whatever.  But seriously... Canopy Road Cafe is way good, you should check it out!

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  1. canopy road cafe is SO good! gotta love holidays so you can spend time with your sweetie!