Friday, November 2, 2012


Sorry but there are no pictures with this post... sad day.  But I hope you will continue to read. 

Halloween this year basically just showed up in a few hours and left.  Seriously,  I had no time to worry about it and no time to even think of costumes.  Last year's costumes pretty much was enough to spread into this year.  I have been crazy busy with school and just finished a presentation yesterday where I had to talk for 20-30 minutes... which thankfully teaching in church and talks has prepared me for that but still not fun to get all together. 

Wednesday (Halloween) I worked in the morning and I usually work all day but got the afternoon off to finish up my presentation.  It went well and finished it up however, after picking up Chris and getting home I had a nervous break down and cried for like 30 minutes.  Story. of. my. life. these days.  But being the awesome person he is, Chris comforted me and I gathered myself up. 

That evening we went over to the Stuckey's house.  The Stuckey family have a daughter, Shawnee, who is mentally disabled and she LOVES passing out candy to trick or treaters.  We really wanted to go last year but I can't remember why... I think most likely because we had out own candy to pass out, Lame Excuse.  So we decided this year we were going to go.  Our quick fix costumes was us in pajamas and we carried our scriptures and said we were seminary students.  I remember growing up in Michigan and some of the older kids doing that as a costume so it was the easiest.   What Brother and Sister Stuckey normally do is they'll take turns dressing up in just quick hats, masks, etc and knock on the door different times, usually on their knees, and then Shawnee gives them candy.  It was so much fun and she loved it.  Plus we got to see Chris and Sarah Stuckey for the first time in FOREVER... well at least me, Chris works with Sarah now but I haven't seen them in awhile. 

Anyway, that was our halloween, nothing too special but totally worth it.  Maybe next year will be a little more eventful.  I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving though for sure!  I guess I'll give one picture from a old blog post just to give you something to look at.

Actually, I just found these!  The pretty lady to the far left and below, just got married on October 20th!!
So Happy for you Andrea.  Congratulations and best wishes !!

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  1. Ahhhh, thanks for the shout out! That was so nice of you! I am way behind with my blog reading and almost missed this! Thanks for thinking of me. You guys are the sweetest! I'm glad you're doing so well! I miss you guys!